• Aftermath Of A Woman

    Where are you now?
    Sitting somewhere thinking of me as I am you?
    Would I be so conceded to think that? !
    Oh Yes! The world evolves around me. Me. Me. Me!... more »

  • Again!

    Again with the sternest of lectures,
    I tell myself 'I told you so! '
    Drawn in by their textures,
    Then driven out; loathed.... more »

  • Asleep

    As she lie sleeping
    In the dreams of men
    With eyes roving
    Her very being... more »

  • Behind The Rose Bush

    As the sun sets on another day
    I fondle on my latest accomplishments
    Only feeling completely delinquished... more »

  • Calling Out To You

    I awakened myself last night
    Calling out your name
    Proclaiming my everlasting love to you
    Singing it in vain... more »

  • Deadly Games

    I see you!
    Lying there clueless.
    Your fate is fast approaching.... more »

  • Do I Dare

    Do I dare write another poem about you
    Relive the happiness and the pain
    That was and is loving you... more »

  • I Once Was In Love

    I awaken in the morning, for you, I breathe in and
    out, over and over, for you, I am more than what I
    am, for you, I will forget my past, for you, I will
    create a perfect future, for you, I cry when I am... more »

  • Ill-Fitted Fate

    When silence falls deep across the land,
    And movement found not by the naked eye.
    Trust in nothing beyond thine hands,
    Treat everything as if a spy.... more »

  • K.E.

    When will I ever forget you?
    Haunting me day in and day out
    Happiness brought only by those
    Who briefly outshine your memory?... more »

  • Love Scourned

    In the eyes of the young,
    Love is written so true
    As time and experience scourned,
    Love becomes a virtue... more »

  • My Heart Is Smiling

    My Heart is Smiling
    As I stir to consciousness
    My Heart is Smiling
    Because you are on my mind... more »

  • My Last Poem

    Ah the Laughter. Must remind you of old times. After
    all my hard work, you just point and laugh. This story
    of a Rose Bush that I carefully nurtured back to life
    time and time again. I should have just let it die,... more »

  • My Love For All

    My love for all
    All the... more »

  • My Reflection

    In the silence of my reflection,
    I am everything you see.
    In that very reflection,
    I am who I want to be.... more »

  • One Day In February

    I tickled
    And you shied away

    I caressed... more »

  • Sleeping In Bliss

    What was her name again
    Why did she affect me so
    Was she the one for me
    Why did I let her go... more »

  • Tender Pain

    Such tender pain
    Comes from my only joy
    And from this pain
    I find my meaning in life... more »

  • The Person In My Room

    The person in my room
    He has lost his mind
    He tries to takes life seriously
    But feels he is running out of time... more »

  • With Bliss I Am Blessed

    With bliss I am blessed
    For I have found who I am
    With bliss I am blessed
    For I have found my meaning... more »