• Empty Chair

    The empty chair I remember each night before bed,
    Memories of a sigh and a stare as I tilt my head,
    Not really sure the action I'm expected to choose,
    And still I open my mouth and whisper I love you.... more »

  • Hey There; Watch Out

    Everybody talks; Nobody listens
    Just too many mistakes to be makin
    Make Love; Make Fun
    Don't have Hate; Never own a Gun... more »

  • 'Jack'

    I can't tell you how I feel,
    It's the same everyday,
    These thought they are killing me,
    Cause I can't seem to find my way,... more »

  • Killin' Time

    People round here they don't talk alot
    They ain't seen much but they say it's enough
    People round here amoke alot of pot
    They just sit around but they say it's rough... more »

  • Life Lesson

    Sitting on my porch, bugs moving here and there,
    A whole world buzzing, with which we're unaware;
    They live by their instincts, something we've forgot,
    We are so concerned, with the things we haven't got;... more »

  • Loss Of Innocence

    Wake again what a beautiful day
    Start with a smile and a song
    Such a crazy little game we play
    Life. Seems to be forever long... more »

  • 'Sally'

    Straight out of High School a girl named Sally Sue
    Put a smile on her face; bein happy's all she knew
    She never thought twice about the years to come
    And if you asked her why she smiled she answered just because... more »

  • Social Mind (A Short)

    If in this life, there's no one I can trust
    For as far as my social eye sees... more »

  • Social Sense

    As I make my way through this maze-like world,
    Meeting different boys; seeing different girls,
    It is constantly changing I am never the same,
    This world I've created; a well played game,... more »

  • Standing On The Moon

    The world looks empty when you're standing on the moon,
    How does the present become past so soon?
    Talk only of tomorrow and the moment is lost,
    Forgetting about the future comes at what cost?... more »

  • Trust

    If only eyes were windows to truth
    For our open moths are truly not
    Our lips speak how we tell them to move
    What you want to hear and now forgot... more »

  • Us

    I wish the world would melt just because
    Maybe then we'd have the time to be us
    But I feel the sun comin up
    And life is bearin down... more »