My name is Mike,
I am 21 years old.

I make a lot of mistakes.. Genuinely.
I mess things up that I can't fix, and my way of dealing with this is through poetry..

I've always written down my feelings, sometimes I try to make them rhyme.. not always possible when you're angry!

I can never find anything to rhyme with 'F****** C*** MOTHER F*****....' you know how it is..


I wrote most of the stuff on here when I was young,
and reflecting back on it it is AWFUL..

but it's all important to me!


Michael Benfield Poems


A cold dark village,
of no well known faces.
A moon-lit street,
and deep puddles of black.... more »

A Carousel Horse

I am a carousel horse
an emerald in each eye.
Two deep breaths and I open the door,
one drink, his hand on my thigh.... more »

Only When

Only when the night is cold,
and the winds are howling down the empty streets.
Only when the moon has faded,
and the sun has deserted the sky.... more »

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