• A Short Story

    A wind blows gently in the night, filling the place where I just left. Whistling down the beaten path, through trees that are green and amongst the fallen brush. Is this just wind or is this something else?... more »

  • 'A Small Boys Desire' Pt. I (Short Story)

    Pressing my face against the glass, I feel the coolness of the world outside. With one hand I draw a snowman into the fog that is on the glass. My other hand is clasped gently into my mother’s hand.

    “The world just speeds by” I think, whispering to myself. “I would give anything to escape this car and play in the cool and pure snow”.... more »

  • A Small Boys Desire Pt. Ii (Short Story)

    I push the door open hoping I won’t wake my mother. The door softly creeks as it slowly swings open. I peek my head around the door scanning the scene. Stepping into the hallway, I tiptoe towards the engine car.

    Gradually, I move faster as I distance myself from my mother. I am now running with eager anticipation of playing in the snow.... more »

  • 'A Small Boys Desire' Pt. Iii (Short Story)

    I land in the snow and roll down a small hill. When I reach the bottom I brush the snow off of me and run towards the other kids playing.

    It seems as if I get there just in time. They are about to pick sides for a game of war with snowballs. Out of breath I ask, “Can I play”. “Of course”, they shout.... more »

  • Favortism

    favortism is my sin
    make me laugh and you will win
    make me sad or make me cry
    to call you my favorite would be a lie... more »

  • Grace Kelly's Portrait

    I look at you all day long
    you make me want to sing a song
    your eyes sparkle through the day
    look at me that's what they say... more »

  • Molly's Tail

    It goes back and forth
    back and forth
    back and forth... more »

  • My Adventure

    Friday, I did something I have never done before.
    An adventure like none other.
    Some have called me boring, while some have called me plain.
    But Friday, I proved my critics wrong.... more »

  • The Light

    The tunnel dark as the night
    I try to see with all my might
    can't move I'm so scared
    can't breath even if I dared... more »

  • The Pitcher

    At night under artificial light
    A man walks slowly from the right
    he comes toward a hill of clay
    where workers have raked during the day... more »

  • The Zoo

    Otters, geese, and lizards are
    Monkeys, giraffes, and peacocks by far
    Ducks, bongos, and lions too
    All are animals at the zoo... more »

  • Untitled (For The Lack Of A Better Title)

    there once, was five girls
    they all had red hair and curls
    they are all quite unique
    they make me laugh when they speak... more »

  • Upon Reflection

    feeble you lay in one place
    frailty is written on your face
    hurt is prevalent everywhere
    i just don't know how i should care... more »

  • What Is Important

    Is it games or is it fun
    Is it laughter in the sun
    Riding bikes near and far
    Skipping rocks or driving a car... more »