• Early Morning Sun

    I would love to see her rise
    The early morning sun
    Waiting wishfully for hope
    To burn the darkness from my eyes... more »

  • Facade

    Have you ever questioned
    The plethora of knowledge that we speak of?
    All those stories that were mentioned in our textbooks.
    You know the ones from hundreds of years ago,... more »

  • I Remember

    My mother doesn't love me, and only cares about her dope,
    My father, he's a dead beat drunk who can't stay off the streets.
    And thats all I really know, or at least all that I've ever been told.
    I admit I didn't have them growing as a kid, or even now... more »

  • Lost Chapter

    My mind's itching and crawling,
    All my sanity lost and forgotten,
    I have the pistol aimed at myself and…... more »

  • Pain

    An aching throb
    Your heart shattered
    Alone in darkness
    Emotional break down... more »

  • Silenced Demon

    I don't hear any voices

    But I know they're there... more »

  • Tetralogy

    Its hard to follow along as the main character rises
    and falls.
    One of such a great story as one would recall.
    But what if I told you that,... more »

  • Twilight

    Many times I have pondered

    Can shadows bring delight... more »