Written poetry since 1995 I went through a most difficult period in 1995 but God give me the way to reach the end of the tunnel, he gave me a gift which I share with others.We all need love and I was very lucky to find it in Margaret.I live in Scotland which is the most scenic beautiful place on earth.


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The world needs love and kindness at this time as people suffer such pain with war, hunger, natural disasters, disease. It's through ourselves we need to change our thinking of what's important in life. Money, material goods, don't feed our souls. Doing good for others gives us something that we can feel inside. When we crossover to the next life we will only know exactly how we changed people's situation on our actions in a good way. God wants us to choose the right path and through prayer we will be guided by him if we connect with him each day. Love one another reject hate only love will give us what we need.
The world needs to connect to mother earth by enriching our soul's with helping others, enjoy the simple pleasures of walking through a wood, a beach. Reading, singing, listening to music. Loving the people close to you. Renewal of the spirit finding your purpose in this material world which now knows, too well what's really important in life. This will all pass in time but we need a new society that values people not money a community of all races creeds and color a world that gives and shares the same values. We must not forget the poor the old and the sick the strong must provide shelter and food for all people, pray to God for help each waking day and a night pray for wisdom and inner strength we will prevail.
World peace

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