• Cherry Red Eden

    Cherry red tongue now stained
    In mirror of the dark boy's fame
    Rhododendron, one with the dark leaf
    The main course at Winter's Eve feast... more »

  • Eighter Only And Number Lonely-Viii (The Epic Of Eight)

    I have a dream and a number
    Forever mine is my number
    It is four, plus company, and one
    The number of cosmic balance, my son... more »

  • Hymn To Hippocampus

    I! Thy ever facilitating moment
    That stands strong against the flow and current
    Be thou highest of all my guiding cells
    And manipulator of all that I am... more »

  • Pain Hatred Grace

    Tell me of hate...

    Could fate possibly have a hand here?
    But this reaction is a bitter cost... more »

  • Poem St. Educator

    One may believe whatever he chooses, or not
    Having only to chase great skill, or not, but why?
    A few select learning, or music, the grandest or not
    Truly and all, the mind rules all, only for those who try... more »

  • St. Adrian

    to St. Adrian I give thanks
    the dead leader of dead Roman ranks
    a silent prayer to the Roman man
    that calm man like deadly white hands... more »