I am from Monmouth, IL, and am a student at Carl Sandburg Community College. I have very recently started an interest in poetry and wish to learn and grow as much as I can. Please feel free to leave any comments or advice. Feel free to listen to my band...



Michael Cook Poems

Poem St. Educator

One may believe whatever he chooses, or not
Having only to chase great skill, or not, but why?
A few select learning, or music, the grandest or not
Truly and all, the mind rules all, only for those who try... more »

Pain Hatred Grace

Tell me of hate...

Could fate possibly have a hand here?
But this reaction is a bitter cost... more »

Cherry Red Eden

Cherry red tongue now stained
In mirror of the dark boy's fame
Rhododendron, one with the dark leaf
The main course at Winter's Eve feast... more »

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