• A Colonial Disease

    I A Sea Shanty

    'We are little lost lambs
    Gone so far astray... more »

  • Nuts

    My friend is fun
    My friend is a chore
    An agony aunt for all comers
    Horrid husbands... more »

  • On The Rocks

    Underfoot..sharp, black
    Cracked bastion
    To my right the beach
    A yellow talon... more »

  • Real Illusions

    A ghost popped up
    One quiet night at home
    And asked me 'What are you doing here? '
    'Not much' I replied 'It's no business of yours... more »

  • Spring Silly

    An elaborate diamond apparatus
    Peach pink and gorgeous

    A sordid monkey symphony... more »

  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

    A raucous shredded cloud..they've arrived
    With a screech like tearing tin
    And the attitude of gangsters
    Flashing white, a wrecking crew on the wing... more »

  • Summer Storm

    From an enormity of morning
    To a furnace tortured noon
    Until every breath and sound is stilled
    In a steamy aspic... more »