In the blistering sound of remorse, i die....
In the glimmering post of light, still, i die...
i died so many times that i have come to enjoy living
i gave up so many times that have come to enjoy giving...
and in the end, we eventually died...


Michael Devant Poems

A Pagan Mind

Endless stream of loneliness flow inside me,
So deep and cold and there is nothing to see...
Fear,... more »

The Enemy

And with much disturbance, believe me that i can sing,
happily grasping the essence of life...
provoke me to kill my soul, and still i can stand,
clearly enough to pay my price,... more »

The Sea And The Shore

A whisper through the gleaming wind has spoken
Bitter, salty and swift it came and sprinkled
Unto those footsteps you left and the promise you have broken
I spread a little bit of hope in the sand that tinkles... more »

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