• A Pagan Mind

    Endless stream of loneliness flow inside me,
    So deep and cold and there is nothing to see...
    Fear,... more »

  • Another Day...

    As I lay awake on my warmhearted bed
    The soft lighted air left an early mark on the verge of day
    For every tears and joy that I have shed
    There would be Hope to be followed within the grasp of that radiant golden ray... more »

  • Another One For The Road

    Don't you know what i want the most?
    An air to breath and a nice space for me to get lost
    On this lemon lime flight across the rooftop
    Where those glass blended clouds flip and flop... more »

  • Bewildered

    With every comet that pass through
    All I can think in those spectacle is you
    Each color of the rainbow
    Say something about how my feeling show... more »

  • Distance

    With every soft voices that whispered to my ear
    The distance we held between our heart have made it clear
    I need you much closer than every inch of air that touch your lips
    I need you here, close and present to finally felt again your bare fingertips... more »

  • Morning

    As the morning unfolds it's glory
    The remnant from what the night has left behind
    Was nothing more than an old story
    A simple memory from which life intertwined... more »

  • Nocturnal

    a glimpse of bliss
    a simple kiss

    a gentle touch... more »

  • Not Today, Not Today

    Oh how I could just walk and smash that face
    Buried it deep between the hall of shame and house of disgrace
    Or make your smug vanished without a trace
    But.. -not today, not today-... more »

  • The Brokenhearted Boy

    He takes the next flight to contradict freedom
    She stole all the ticket for adolescence reason

    He played the guitar and bend the sound... more »

  • The Enemy

    And with much disturbance, believe me that i can sing,
    happily grasping the essence of life...
    provoke me to kill my soul, and still i can stand,
    clearly enough to pay my price,... more »

  • The Sea And The Shore

    A whisper through the gleaming wind has spoken
    Bitter, salty and swift it came and sprinkled
    Unto those footsteps you left and the promise you have broken
    I spread a little bit of hope in the sand that tinkles... more »

  • Upon Silence Of Men

    We wait, we wait and we wait for a brief session along
    we leave and sold for whatever possible reason we have and make it a song
    a part of which we bury between the guilt and pleasure
    a part within our deepest thought that we cannot measure... more »

  • We Who Lived The Night

    Plain and crystallin white
    the stars we share tonight
    under the big bright crusaders flight
    those who laugh and sing could only hear the sound of delight... more »

  • What Is...

    When you woke up early and saw the sun shines
    Ever more brightly yet subtle and thin
    And the clouds made a perfect abstract lines
    As if they whispered in secrets to evenly match the earth heroine skin...... more »