• Call Of The Wild

    This is a poem based on the book: Call Of The wild, written by Jack London. It is a real good book, and it inspired me to write this

    Raised up a simple dog,... more »

  • Can'T Find The Words

    I can't find the words
    that describe how i feel
    so i got you this ring
    to show it is real... more »

  • Crossroads

    I’ve been walking a single path
    just searching for the truth
    but now this path splits in half
    and a don’t know what to do... more »

  • Dream

    Everyday before I wake
    I dream a little dream
    always different than the last
    simple it may seem... more »

  • Falling Down

    If you fall down

    Then stand up... more »

  • Jesus's Destiny

    My blood drips
    upon this cross
    cursed I am not
    though I become a loss... more »

  • Left Behind

    I walked a dark path
    that led to my end
    a path that went downward
    becouse of my sin... more »

  • Light Blue Angel

    Today I’ve seen an angel
    wearing light blue cloths
    with a ribbon in her hair
    that flutters when the wind blows.... more »

  • Loneliness

    This loneliness
    I feel inside
    It makes me think
    Of suicide... more »

  • Lonely Candle

    I’m just a lonely candle
    that lights this empty place
    my flame keeps falling faster
    and my wax just drips away... more »

  • My Cancer: (

    Soon I will die
    and I want you to know
    I wish you all luck
    before I must go... more »

  • My Present

    Open your eyes
    so you can see
    the present I give you
    that present is me... more »

  • Nature's Bliss

    Outside of my tent
    I sit on the ground
    watching the nature
    that lives all around... more »

  • One Day

    One day when i change,
    my life will turn around
    and all my pains and sorrows
    will fade and not be found.... more »

  • Only Through Death

    Only through death
    can one be free
    when their spirit departs
    from insanity.... more »

  • The Day Is Coming Close

    The day is coming close
    That again I’ll sit and sigh,
    For there’s no point to pick a rose
    If in time will rot and die.... more »

  • The Rose

    To me, you were a rose
    sitting in a vase,
    a lonely little flower
    that was withering all away... more »

  • The Way Things Ought To Be

    As I lay
    beneath this tree
    I see the way
    things ought to be... more »

  • The 'Writer's Block'

    Today I want to write a poem
    but nothing comes to mind
    so I will just write this piece,
    it should pass the time....... more »

  • Unrequited Love

    Last night I couldn’t sleep
    because you were on my mind,
    and I was on my knees
    asking god to make you mine.... more »

  • What Is A Poem?

    A poem is not
    words on a page
    or rhymes that
    last through age.... more »

  • Who Is This?

    wrapped in cloth
    a child sleeps
    withen a basket
    by the creek... more »

  • You Are An Angel

    You are an angel
    with a halo of gold
    beautiful wings that
    sparkle and glow... more »