• Yankees Vs. Red Sox

    (I went to the Yankees/Red Sox game and there was a fan removed from the game. This is about that fan.)

    Read me my bragging rights
    Raise my arms to the sky... more »

  • You Fooled Me...Shame On Me!

    You want what's best;
    What's best for you.
    But it's my fault;
    I bought your lies!... more »

  • You Left Me Breathless Babe!

    You left me breathless babe;
    My brain cells are dying!
    The only thought I have
    is me and you as one!... more »

  • Your Death's Not Worth Living!

    Put me on your short leash
    and feed me when its time.
    But if you forget to,
    I can live off your scraps.... more »

  • Your Heraldic Gold Spell

    Your soft magic wand lips
    Brush my evening sun cheek
    And warm my regal soul... more »

  • Your Love ♥

    Every day is that of a dream;
    A dream only slumber can end.
    A dream where loneliness
    is without source or meaning.... more »

  • Your Pockets Are Showing!

    Spinning in your circles;
    You can't make a decision.
    Skating in figure eights;
    You lack supervision!... more »

  • Your Touch

    Lighting up the bedroom
    In the cold winter night
    Is your ocean tide touch
    Touching upon my soul... more »

  • Your World (Then & Now)

    Your world was turned upside down,
    so you decided to turn it around.
    But it’s meant to be upside down.
    The result: You're out of place,... more »

  • You'Re Doing Time

    Your companion’s got you in handcuffs.
    She reads you your rights, or so she calls them.
    You’re placed behind bars, there’s no escape.
    You had your chance, but now it’s too late.... more »