• The Living Tree

    There are strands of perfection
    We strive to complete as a whole.
    Encased in shells of imperfection.
    It is a difficult journey.... more »

  • The Lone Seagull

    In from the silent winds of timelessness,
    In from thicket of cloud and stalks of rain,
    The lone seagull came.
    In there world they have no law,... more »

  • Walking Behind The Window

    I can only feel for those who have passed your window
    And have never seen you reaching with silent hands.
    Or those who have felt your breath on their neck
    Only to turn to a void thinking a ghost has passed.... more »

  • Within A Memory

    From outside this misjudged distance a foot fall far from perfect
    Shows that I am clearly stranded here.
    I can only surmise your image cascading from outside,
    As a road of two junctions.... more »

  • Within You

    You look at me and within me
    I look at you and within you.
    I see beyond your beauty.
    You see beyond my sadness.... more »