Michael Hopkins Quotes

Enjoy the journey, miss not the beauty around and the joy of discovery. Keep joy close at hand and all dangers will disappear as you approach them along the way. M.N. Hopkins
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You will all awaken from this dream and come into a world of beauty beyond imagination. M.N. Hopkins
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There is one way and this is the way of love. Love of Man and love of God. Both are interwoven or interconnected. For the gift of love is given freely to be given freely to those in need. M.N. Hopkins
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Free your minds from this concentration upon the pains and sufferings of your past and direct your thoughts upon a future that is free from this pain of your own personal making. © M.N. Hopkins
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Know that Love arrives as the darkness flees it's brilliance.
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See to the future not just for yourself but for all Mankind. Share these words and think not on dark thoughts but envison a world of joyous living. A world of clean air, clean food and healthy strong bodies that see to themselves for healing. © M.N. Hopkins
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To be truly human, one must be truly Divine. To be truly Divine, one must be truly human. Balance is the key. © M.N. Hopkins
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What is chaos? Nothing more than a plea, an offer and an opportunity for ordering one's life and/or one's world. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins
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Change can happen in the blink of an eye and Mankind can again arise from the darkness into the light of love and reason. © 2018 M.N. Hopkins
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Feel the calmness and certainty of Self-assuredness and know that Heaven as well as Earth are now your allies. © M.N. Hopkins
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