• Anticipation

    Anticipation an excitable sense
    A longing to see that one special person
    A feeling of belonging and happiness... more »

  • Beaten Down

    Weak, Beaten and Fallen

    I lie on the floor for all to see... more »

  • Beauty In Love

    A rose can signify love for someone

    A sweet kiss on the cheek of a loved one... more »

  • Crushed

    The feeling of been under a pile of bricks

    Like the world is falling down upon you... more »

  • Darkness Overpowering

    A Powerful Force

    Standing Over You, Overpowering You... more »

  • Deep Down

    Deep down inside me, a passion burns

    Deep down in me, a secret passion is rising... more »

  • Destinies Clear Path

    The yellow brick road of life

    The path we follow... more »

  • Destiny

    The ever active force
    The force pulling me and you closer together
    The force inside you making me love you more and more
    The force and passion exploding as I think of how we could be... more »

  • Drifting

    Drifting down this dark river, going deeper and deeper
    Ever further reaching the waterfall, the end of my journey
    The menacing river twisting it me to my destiny
    Taking over my will and my mind... more »

  • Emotion Rollercoaster

    Up, down, upside and down

    Twisted and pulled... more »

  • Entwined

    Entwined deep in your everlasting soul
    They mine ever deeper in to your life exploring every part
    Exploring your life for any things they could change
    Ever lasting love hidden, deep within the center... more »

  • Fake Face

    A fake face for all to see, covering my true soul
    Hiding my true emotions from the world
    Allowing me to remain unknown and silent
    Hidden from help, never thinking I need it... more »

  • Fallen For You

    Falling like a rock from the sky
    I fell for you, and only you
    As I glide though the free air and white clouds I see
    I see how much you mean to me, and how much you complete me... more »

  • Lies

    Lies, tearing us up inside

    Squeezing us till we feel the pressure... more »

  • Life

    I walk in to a room
    I see happy faces
    Happy people, laughing and joking
    Having a good time... more »

  • Looking Down

    Looking down upon the world, I am an alien
    Looking at people who are not like me
    They see things differently, they think differently
    Am I that different, I am the same species... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    When you lay your eyes upon the person
    Your heart beats furiously against your chest
    Your thoughts are only them
    You look at them like they are the goddess of your world... more »

  • Love Is Just Cause

    You look upon their beautiful face,
    You wish you could be with them
    But your conscious shouts in to your ear
    “THEY WILL NEVER LIKE YOU”... more »

  • Love Of One Kind

    Upon this earth love was created to bloom and blossom upon everyone
    It was a special gift from the god’s above
    For those lucky of us, we find love and we enjoy our love
    I found you, and you found me... more »

  • Moonlight Dreams

    Your eyes meet mine, our lips meet each other

    Love has brought us together, as if it were our destiny... more »

  • My Beating Heart

    My Beating Heart
    My beating heart beats for one
    You and only you
    Its jumps and throws itself around as you come closer... more »

  • My Heart

    When I look upon you my heart jumps, it pumps faster
    When I look upon you I see a vision of beautifulness and love
    When I look upon you I see a vision of care and kindness
    When I look in to your eyes I see your inner beauty waiting to be freed from its cage... more »

  • My Saviour

    My Saviour, My Love, My life
    The one who is your life raft
    The one who will help you however deep you are
    The one who would do anything to help you... more »

  • On A Perch

    Sitting here as happy as can be
    I replay my most happy days of my life
    Looking at all the good I have had effect and cause in
    I look at the love I have been given... more »

  • Passion

    A red rose waiting to be given
    A light touch on the arm
    A cuddle close... more »