• Devil Of Darkness

    Devil of Darkness arise you shall
    kill the innocent and deliver the foul
    creatures of what we once knew
    Demon of Darkness i call forth upon you!... more »

  • King

    Time has fallen and slipped away
    never to be seen to this day
    it begs for freedom it begs for air..... more »

  • Lifetime Letter

    Starlight starbright i wish i may
    i wish i might that tonight would never end
    that our love would forever spin... more »

  • Like Lovers Do

    Standing in the moonlight
    of the Autumn dusk and breeze

    was the night i met her,... more »

  • Lucifer

    Born in fire Once a liar, now i am the sin
    I walk within your mind and soul
    plead or beg your mind's not yours anymore to control... more »

  • Ms Despair

    Moans of Despair rescue me my fair
    angel of death with your firey breathe
    your wings so black they tear
    my heart into won't you let me... more »

  • No More

    Time is my master Time holds no key
    Time is everything yet nothing to me

    Abandoned wastelands of death and decay... more »

  • Payback

    ..Lies.. you have all been given..

    Rain down the hollow screams
    bring out the childrens dreams... more »

  • Zombie Love (Song/Poem Just Had Fun With It.)

    zombie love
    so rotten and stale... more »