• ...To Be Continued

    Read 'The Invasion' first...

    Dear Silhouette,... more »

  • Absolution

    Death, you are not as swift as the legends say.
    Your plagues, your instant kill, your murders and death of age are not as they seem.
    You know this but people like me can see your weakness; your follies.
    What flaws you have.... more »

  • Counterproductive Thoughts Of An Insomniac

    Dismay, disarray;
    Marionette, let me make you who you are today
    Put on that schizophrenic mask, smile and play
    These phantom limbs and phantom thoughts... more »

  • Directional Steps

    Time, just like water, flows in only one direction.
    The current of time is the strongest, no matter how strong your affection
    for memories you cling, they are like rocks you set at the bottom of the river.
    The are not going move as the current moves you.... more »

  • Element Haikus

    Simplistic features.
    Breathing puts life in your soul.
    God's intrinsic gift.... more »

  • Fool's Gold

    Perfection is not instant
    Remember that perfection is a process of trial and errors!
    There are no shortcuts in time so go the distance.
    But do not stray from the path like fool's gold I'll compare!... more »

  • Forever Fades

    Father Time, it is you whom I address
    You are a sorcerer and a demon
    The reaper, a named so inclined
    Don't kill with a scythe but with the sands of time.... more »

  • Identity

    Solitude and loneliness
    The theme of forgetting
    Not forgetting thoughts
    But forgetting who you are... more »

  • Indecisive

    A feeling too little too late

    For by this time I'll be leaving in a nearby date... more »

  • Letter Through The Bars

    I think; it is a curse in a blessing.
    With this, I can write in hope that someone knows
    That reality is opaque and oppressing
    Look into my soul the through nature’s windows... more »

  • Lolita

    A place, you see, where I can reach my goals
    A place I have created that suits my morals
    Though a paradox of exaggerated thought may seem pathetic
    Deafening contacts with reality makes the horrible seem more aesthetic... more »

  • Mizu

    The God's cry their awful cry and the sadness falls to the Earth.
    Such gray skies gives a sign that the God's are not happy.
    They blow their breaths and create the trade winds.... more »

  • Neutralities Of Love

    You're a book-smart devil
    Forever Manipulating
    Every time I quit
    You are again tantalizing... more »

  • Nostalgia

    I can't sleep at night
    Because all I think about
    Is the kiss from the one I like.... more »

  • Paranoia Agent

    The stars fade into the daylight.
    The sun rises as time is lost
    and the stars leading the way home
    are hidden.... more »

  • Rays From The Sun

    'Ignorance is bliss cherish it' - Lacey Mosley/ Vocalist

    Being ignorant was not always a negative thing. As a kid, your ignorance did truly bring you bliss. The sun never seemed so bright and the sky never seemed to appear in such vibrant shades of blue. The world use to be simple; wake up and hug your parent[s] and then go play for hours on end without ever having to take a smile off your face. The world seemed to be magical and whatever else your naive yet child like imagination could fathom. The littlest things pleased you and you are immersed into a simple and memorable euphoria.... more »

  • Seasonal Death

    So long sweet summer
    I once felt you
    Now you gracefully fall away.
    I live in a winter which may never melt...... more »

  • Seasonal Rebirth

    This frigid forever winter starts to melt
    And actually blooms into spring.
    The sun thaws my heart and now it beats differently than I have felt.
    In touch and in time like a seasonal rebirth;... more »

  • Star Of Bethlehem

    He goes on thinking.
    His brain conjures up contradictions.
    He's tired of hypotheticals.
    He scrambles to grasp the concepts of the world around him.... more »

  • The Adventurer

    I have become accustom to the clouds

    The deity that holds me away leaves me thinking out loud... more »

  • The Invasion

    I stroll with my head down in the middle of the street as the moon pulls itself up to its pinnacle point of the night. My headphones are in my ears project soothing melodies. I walk on the yellow road lines as if I am balancing on a tight rope. I lose my balance and stumble to the right. My headphones nudge out of my ears ejecting the music abruptly and the invasion begins. The streetlights illuminating my path fade into the nothingness of the night. The night light of the Earth, the Moon, has fallen from its peak but has not informed the sun. The lights fade into nothingness.

    Darkness? Nothingness?... more »

  • The Reddest Rose

    I truly do not wish to mine
    The more I dig
    The truth to the mystery I might find... more »

  • The Sounds Have Turn To Silence

    Smoke comes billowing out of my head. I can smell it wafting around my nose. The opaque screen impairs my vision and now I am one human sense down.

    Is it a dream?... more »

  • What Was Then And There

    Axial rotational ride
    Too beautiful to let yourself hide
    Such short time on this lush green roller coaster
    We can't spare clocks on braggers and boasters... more »

  • Where I'M From

    I am from the Shadows.
    I am from the dark womb.
    I am a silhouette from the sonigram,
    Quiet but moving and forming contemplations.... more »