• Confessions Of A Subway Rider

    Little man in a downtown station,
    Reaching for a ticket stub,
    Walks through the stile,
    But his coat gets stuck in the gears.... more »

  • H0me

    I think I’ll go home but where is that?
    When your heart is nothing less then a trap,
    And your feelings orbit somewhere out in space.
    And your mind still lingers on that simple question of faith.... more »

  • I Asked The Rain To Stop Today

    I asked the rain to stop today
    To see if it would oblige
    To stop pounding on the window,
    And saturating our lives.... more »

  • Life In A Glass Box

    Life in a glass box,
    Is wiser lived in solitude,
    Take it from a man, who knows,
    The depths of which you fall.... more »

  • Melting Dreams To Feed The Daytime

    I’ll give everything passing thing I see,
    A silly name that about you and me.
    And even when I sleep at night,
    I’ll have to hold my eyes to stop the light... more »

  • Midnight At The Crossroads

    Who do I think I am?
    What right to I have to think about what I am thinking about?
    I’m I some sort of righteous, all-knowing being who has yet to fail,
    Yet to scar myself... more »

  • The Appearance Of A Line

    I’m looking for a villain
    Someone close enough, so that I can end my problems
    Everything is getting hazy,
    Lines appear that were never here before... more »

  • The People That I Know Or The Story Of The Find

    I took a walk
    A single sentence with a subject and verb
    I took a walk
    Though the action of the subject is absurd... more »

  • We Could Look At Your Itunes?

    This is how I feel when the rain begins to fall
    This is how the world looks out of a plastic cup
    I found on the sidewalk one day
    Picking it up I throw it away... more »