• Draw Near To God

    For God the world shows little fear
    Her children wander blind
    But when death’s veil draws finally near
    They’ll seek to change their mind... more »

  • Dream Or Not

    What would you think if Christ you'd see
    Angels gathered around
    Jesus, beckons, calls you and me
    Trumpets begin to sound... more »

  • Dreamers

    Dreamers are in the house of God
    Seers, who in due season
    Will speak of things that yet seem odd
    God but knows the reason... more »

  • Dressed To Serve

    Let there be Light within your heart
    Let darkness wear a shroud
    Allow it to the grave depart
    And be in Christ endowed... more »

  • Drink Of Wisdom’s Fount

    When Cain slew Abel with his hand
    When blood first drenched the earth
    Cain was expelled from God’s fair land
    For giving hatred birth... more »

  • Drowning In Despair

    Drowning in the sea of despair
    Feeling distressed alone
    With nothing near, no one would care
    Hearing frustrations groan... more »

  • Drugs (1)

    Through drug abuse, a life can end
    From God, forever lost
    Even withdrawal can oft offend
    At friend and family’s cost... more »

  • Drugs (2)

    It’s hard alone, to win the fight
    This too is Satan’s plan
    But they who seek Salvation’s Light
    Will find in Christ, they can!... more »

  • Dying

    I thank my God for liberty
    From Satan’s scheming lies
    Though born a slave, I’m dying free
    With Jesus to arise... more »

  • Earth Wind & Fire

    My sinful life was steeped in shame
    In Satan tightly bound
    I failed to know God’s holy name
    No truth in me was found... more »

  • Easy Street?

    Because the Lord has much to give
    Creation’s in His hand
    It can’t be hard in Christ to live
    Until The Promised Land... more »

  • Eat And Drink Well

    Some think they’re safe from death and hell
    Sitting in church at ease
    Foolishly thinking all is well
    Doing just as they please... more »

  • Ecstatically Overjoyed

    Overjoyed, a Christian to be
    Truly thrilled, excited
    Sin repented, absolute free
    God! to Life's invited... more »

  • Eden Was But A Shadow

    Thank God for His seasonal rain
    Enabling life to grow
    Here, there, again and again
    We'll harvest what we sow... more »

  • Eight From Seven (1)

    Throughout the years so much has changed
    Now truth is seldom told
    Mankind the church has so deranged
    Even the bride grows cold... more »

  • Eight From Seven (2)

    If Jesus’ Spirit’s not within
    If you don’t’ feel Him there
    Could be my friend you’re still in sin
    True life is not your share... more »

  • Eight From Seven (3)

    It’s not from books The Lord is known
    But by The Spirit’s might
    For He who’s not of flesh and bone
    Is full of Heaven’s Light... more »

  • Embrace The Love

    From Satan’s cup the masses drink
    They’ll eat from off his plate
    They’ll gorge until their houses sink
    Beneath their sinful weight... more »

  • Empty Graves

    Does Heaven seem at war with you?
    On God, do you depend?
    Whatever you think, say or do
    Is Jesus still your friend?... more »

  • Endure

    ! !
    With backs against our foolish times
    Our ways of life once tread
    We face the future void of crimes... more »

  • England! ! Land Of Angels

    She’s crossed the seas to every man
    With messages of love
    Coincidence or Heaven’s plan
    God named her from above... more »

  • Equal To Eternity

    There is no tribe superior
    No kingdom more supreme
    No ethnic group’s inferior
    Salvation can’t esteem... more »

  • Equal To Reign (1)

    So oft its hard to stand alone
    Or walk the path of life
    So God from Adam took a bone
    And made for him a wife... more »

  • Equal To Reign (2)

    God made no woman as a slave
    Though man should rule the earth
    Let foolish notions seek the grave
    So truth may come to birth... more »

  • Equipped To Serve

    Did they not see did they not know?
    Do they not realise?
    How far love is prepared to go
    To silence Satan’s lies... more »