• Ere Jesus Comes Again

    With running nose, seldom long clean
    Since running oft from schools
    I’ve known what consequences mean
    Disobeying life’s rules... more »

  • Esther’s Choice

    It’s good to heed; when Jesus calls
    Our lamps with oil well lit
    But what’s attained behind church walls?
    If all we do is sit... more »

  • Eternity In The Making

    Where shadows cloud The righteous path
    Where darkness hides The Way
    Many may face eternal wrath
    Many may rue today... more »

  • Eternity Is! Important

    Is eternity important?
    Essential, more or less?
    If one moment's briefly shortened
    What would your life, confess?... more »

  • Even Life's Dregs

    Wandering lost, foolish and blind
    Living to self desire
    As filth and scum of all mankind
    We’re destined for the fire... more »

  • Even On The Death Bed

    What can we tell the sick in bed?
    What can we say or do?
    How can we help before they’re dead?
    And give them hope anew... more »

  • Ever Faithful

    Walking life’s path twixt hills and dales
    Wading through mountain streams
    Facing torrential fearsome gales
    Beyond one’s childhood dreams... more »

  • Ever Felt Lost?

    Ever felt lost desperate and sad
    You felt to only cry
    That you or the world was going mad
    You wanted just to die... more »

  • Ever Felt Sad?

    Ever felt lost desperate and sad
    You felt to only cry
    You thought the whole wide world was mad
    And felt right there to die... more »

  • Ever Seen A Dragon?

    Have you ever felt a dragon’s claw?
    Or heard a serpent talk?
    Have you ever seen the dead before?
    Rise up again and walk?... more »

  • Evil’s Root (1)

    Evil is like a bad disease
    Affecting heart and soul
    Bringing its victim to their knees
    It robs them of their goal... more »

  • Evil’s Root (2)

    Pure evil, deepens failing hope
    Develops filth received
    Who’ll overcome, must learn to cope
    Whilst others fall, deceived!... more »

  • Evil’s Root (3)

    Evil’s decline won’t come with ease
    With cunning, Satan fights
    God’s troops, he’ll try to coax and tease
    And tempt them from their heights... more »

  • Evolutional Hogwash

    Look at your body, every part
    Think how it came to be
    One's ears, kidneys, one's nose, tongue, heart
    One's intricate eyes, to see... more »

  • Except

    Could be that God’s a pack of lies
    Like Heaven is and hell
    Illusions like the prince of flies
    A legend parents tell... more »

  • Eyes Are All Around

    We’ve tried to run we’ve try to hide
    Living a life of crime
    But God has promised to abide
    Beyond the end of time... more »

  • Eyes Were Opened -Lk.24: 31

    Upon the ground I found a book
    Inside was good as new
    I took it home and had a look
    Reading it through and through... more »

  • Fact (1)

    The lost have many questions still
    The blind see no way out
    For Satan comes to cheat and kill
    And fill the world with doubt... more »

  • Fact (2)

    When in life’s book God turns a page
    When work on earth is done
    God’s church will see the coming age
    As bride of Christ His Son... more »

  • Faith Alive

    True faith awakens through The Word
    It quickens chosen sheep
    But only those who’ve truly heard
    The rest remain asleep... more »

  • Faith For The Faithful

    Through righteousness that’s not our own
    Through gifts we now receive
    Through Fire that melts a heart of stone
    We’ve faith to Christ believe... more »

  • Faith Without Works

    Do friends and neighbours Jesus know?
    Your family, about hell?
    Have you bid, them in to church to go?
    Ringing salvation's bell... more »

  • Faith’s Return

    How foolish was this childback then
    How wicked was my path
    How light began to fail me when... more »

  • Faith’s Secret

    Its good to drink Salvation’s stream
    Its sweet, to those once dead
    Now death’s no longer what it seems
    Life’s dawn, has raised her head... more »

  • Faithful Yet Ailing

    To You alone I bend my knee
    In Jesus’ mighty name
    From chains of doubt You’ve set me free
    Of any hint of shame... more »