• Faithless Dying

    The race is on, fighting's fierce
    Who will life's crown receive
    Who'll walk, run, breakdown in tears
    Failing Christ to believe... more »

  • Falling Apart

    “The bible says God’s ever there!
    You’re love will flow in streams
    But I’m alone in deep despair
    At least that’s how it seems... more »

  • Fasting Prayer

    Carry me through Lord carry me through
    Fill me with Your promised Dew
    Allow Your Flame burn deep within
    Purge this child of every sin... more »

  • Father Of Grace

    How oft I feel deprived alone
    Anxious restless so low
    All I can do is moan and groan
    Beneath this salty flow... more »

  • Fear & Trembling

    Before creation falls apart –Rev.6: 13-14
    As now the end draws nigh –Rev.22: 12
    If Christ is not within your heart –Rev.3: 20
    Repent before you die –Rev.20: 15... more »

  • Fear The Lord

    Through sin, we’re now a fallen race
    A stench to God on high
    But though God’s Lamb we’re given grace
    To live and never die... more »

  • Few Know! ! !

    Consider if you have! ! ! God’s Son
    You have! ! ! Life’s facts & love
    You have true faith to carry on
    Trusting to rise above... more »

  • Fewer Are Rising

    Fewer from sin are rising now
    From woeful deadly crime
    Sorrowful knees, Jesus to bow
    While still they have the time... more »

  • Fighting With God

    Why do we war against The Lord?
    How can we fight our King?
    What foolishness could man afford?
    To dam life’s only Spring... more »

  • Fill The Gap

    Feeling a hole down deep inside?
    An emptiness, within?
    From God and self you wish to hide
    It seems you cannot win... more »

  • Fill This Cup

    “Oh Lord, the world’s in deep despair
    I seek Your face on high
    There’s drought and famine everywhere
    And starving, children die... more »

  • Financial Gain Moral Decline

    We toil and seek for all we’re worth
    We’ll rummage, duck and dive
    Lustful pursuing throughout the earth
    A little while to thrive... more »

  • Finding The Words

    I thank my Jesus every night
    I praise Him every day
    I thank Him for my robe of white
    When in my room I pray... more »

  • Fingers Of Guilt

    Eternity waits out yonder
    Beyond this time and space
    Yet many a fool will squander
    The choice of saving grace... more »

  • First Or Last

    Serving the bride, a man and wife
    Had Heaven’s will in view
    Walking in victory though this life
    They saw what each should do... more »

  • First The Blood

    If only Christ were on His way
    How good this life would be
    In Him we’ll fear no judgement day
    For through His blood we’re free... more »

  • Five Were Foolish

    Through sickness, man may lose some weight
    Through worry or through pain
    Yet food upon a dinner plate
    Oft makes it right again... more »

  • Flesh Contra Spirit

    Slowly my mind is being taught
    Since my hearts surrender
    Receiving daily my report
    Of the great pretender... more »

  • Flourish

    Where darkness comes on earth to dwell
    Where Satan plants his seed
    Without God’s Light this spore of hell
    Evolves to deadly weed... more »

  • Flying High

    I'm flying high, looking below
    Thanking my God on high
    Knowing, where countless souls will go
    When still unsaved they die... more »

  • Flying Higher

    I’m flying Lord, soaring higher
    Wrapped in infinite love
    With this heart of mine on fire
    Riding on Heaven’s Dove... more »

  • Follow The Lamb

    A Shepherd raised a flock of sheep
    He tends them day and night
    His love for them is true and deep
    He keeps them all in sight... more »

  • Food

    When Jesus Christ our hearts we give
    When raised up from the dead -Lk.8: 54
    When faith has brought the Truth to live
    Our need is first The Bread –Lk.8: 55... more »

  • Fools Live To Burn

    Who can live, at one's desire
    Thriving, living as king
    Free from death, hell's pit of fire
    Life's favoured songs to sing... more »

  • For A Moment All Die

    Just an instant a moment’s time
    Surely without surprise
    With righteous deeds or loathsome crime
    Sinners and saints will rise... more »