All praise & glory, to The Living Lord & God Jesus Christ my soon coming King.

Born a sinner saved by grace. I first truly began going to church at the tender age of 46 years 10 months. After six wonderful life changing months. After thoroughly reading the Bible and believing it from front to back true! I was born-again through the precious blood of my personal Saviour Jesus Christ. After accepting that He is who He & God’s Word (Bible) says He is. I further can testify that The Lord God Jesus Christ LIVES.
For even as an insignificant wretch that I was six times I personally audibly heard the voice of The Living God. Once The Father, four times Jesus, & The Holy Spirit once. Always distinct & audible. Though each time was different some lengthy, others short. Countless other times in diverse ways I have recognised God speaking to me. So now I can never doubt that The Godhead well & truly lives! ! !


Michael P. Johnson Poems

I Trust In Jesus

Before this body turns to dust
Before this world I leave
Upon The Lord I’ve placed my trust
Upon The Rock I’ll cleave... more »

Wars, Wars, Wars

There’s so much hatred round the place
The world seems not to care
For though we travel into space
There’s fighting in the air... more »

A Cry In The Dark

How deep in life I had to fall
Living a constant lie
But then with back against the wall
I couldn't help but cry... more »

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Comments about Michael P. Johnson

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Phillip Joshua Jimenez 08 Jun 2011 02:00
Nice poems, brother! They're full of grace and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Keep on writing for the Lord's glory!
Bella Ravenstar 02 May 2008 11:50
Hi! I love your peoms! They are beautiful! Can you add me as a friend please?