• An Instant Of Pie

    I once made an apple pie from scratch
    I browned the crust
    added just a pinch of cinnamon
    I even plucked the apples and sliced them... more »

  • Author. Author.

    Kill all gods by the fourth act.
    Yes, yes you must,
    by all means, show the guns
    and lay out the plot as well.... more »

  • Bustle

    Uterus first, then alphabet,
    then shoes then tie then straight ahead
    to a red light crawl.
    Were you referring to me, Aunt Ella... more »

  • Condition

    Then hold off, I pray,
    the hours of death and sleep.
    Do not prickle me yet with the torment
    of needing voices and sickness.... more »

  • Fringe

    There was something no poet could name for sure
    no Shakespeare -... more »

  • Goodbye To The Bakery

    He said he wouldn’t
    be coming home for dinner
    tonight or tomorrow
    or any other night.... more »

  • Lifeline

    I wrote my own obituary just yesterday
    as a matter of fact.
    It was on a whim – a trifle
    of my own invention... more »

  • Maps, Travels, Contours

    The heart simply does
    and “does” is the best word
    for what cannot be explained or plotted
    in a story or a graph... more »

  • Ode To Lamps And Light

    Dear light I thank you
    fluorescent provider for me and mine
    Without you I could not walk
    away from the hearts of others... more »

  • Optimism

    So many chances, so many lost opportunities.
    My hair cannot possibly get grayer, my fortune-lines sink lower, my love lines stop shorter.

    At the end of the song I am whistling,... more »

  • Prayer Too

    My toes curl up
    and my teeth grind a bit.... more »

  • Ritualo De Lo Habitual

    I’m not sure why I comb my hair
    the same way each time
    adding two equal drops and a certain swoosh
    of the palm of the hand to the side... more »

  • Should Have

    I should write one more poem for April
    and one more for the rain while there is still
    something called rain
    because it might vanish, the philosophers say,... more »

  • Statue

    If everyone could cease
    to see you at all
    If everyone would suddenly refuse
    the information of senses saying... more »

  • The Innocent Louse

    The louse can live its entire life
    on the curve of a cat’s tail
    boring tiny burrows
    for homes and suburbs in the flesh... more »

  • The Kitchen Failure

    Oh I can cook up a poem,
    but I'm hell with meatloaf.... more »

  • To A Statue

    you unperson!
    you unthing!
    Would you simply vanish?
    and would my heart cease... more »

  • Wreckage

    I had a best friend once
    and a wife
    with beads and blue eyes
    the shine on everything... more »