• Comback

    I guess I’m back
    The words in this
    I will not lack... more »

  • Escape

    Far away
    I go to hide
    What is far enough
    Well that i can't decide... more »

  • I Was Wrong

    I’ve said too much
    I’ve went too far
    But I can’t go back
    This is where we are... more »

  • In Remembrance

    To him we went
    When we always needed help
    One of Gods children
    Always steered away from hell... more »

  • Newcomer

    You walk into a new world
    No knowing what to expect
    Thinking in your mind
    Is it you that they will accept... more »

  • The End

    So why did I do it
    Why did I let you in
    I knew this would happen
    If I let you under my skin... more »

  • The Experience

    As time goes by
    It seems to go to fast
    I’m getting backed up
    I’m getting to into the past... more »

  • The Fight Within

    My hatred for the things you do
    Will never overcome how much I love you
    Your belief of me is so wrong
    But yet your arrogance is so strong... more »

  • The Girl

    Your hair so long
    Your smile so nice
    You can't look once
    You have to look twice... more »

  • Time

    Time will come
    Time will go
    What will happen
    We don’t know... more »

  • Waiting

    I've messed up so much
    It has become a trend
    So now I set back
    Waiting to mess up again... more »

  • What You Do To Me

    When I hear your voice
    It drives me crazy
    When I see you face
    My eyes go hazy... more »