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I have read all your posted poems and I find your take on the world interesting. I have to say that on the whole I enjoyed your writes although I would be lying and a toady to say liked everything you have written. Some people have commented that your poems are negative, this I find strange but then some people did not have the brutal experiences of war. It's poetry like yours that give me hope for the future of the art keep it coming.
Poor Michael, to understand the point of this poem, it is necessary to understand the theme of the poem? What is the theme Michael? How does the theme interact with the first stanza? The clock is clicking Michael, your answer is awaited with interest.
Dear Michael Pruchnicki as the theme ''Illegal Logging'' is a global issue related to global warming and destruction of rain forest, then yes your snide remark that the topic ranges far afield is correct. The topic ''Illegal Logging'' and questions of conservation which are important to scientists world government etc is complicated, not simply cutting down a tree so of course it will be impossible to answer your ''But to what avail? '' question. Actually I taught creative writing Michael, a concept a poetaster might find difficult to grasp in modern forms. *****''A catalog is about the only thing you''re capable'' another typical Michael still missing the bully days in the sand box comment. Not quite up to your normal rude, crude level of vulgarity however. I have a special list of your treasured comments. However relating to figurative language in literature the catalog includes but is not limited to majors in literature and classics including Greek & Roman Literature, Greek Art, Augustan Poetry & Prose,20th Century Poetry, Renaissance Poetry & Prose, Romantic Poetry & Prose, Victorian Poetry & Prose,20th Century Novel, Myth & Literature, Drama, Novel to 1830, Australian Literature & NZ Literature, Literally Study, American Literature and Medieval English Literature. My lecturer for American Lit wrote several text books on certain styles of poetry, published his own poetry and was American so really your pocket book comments neither impress nor cut any ice. So wrong again poor Michael. But please continue to insult, your comments upon other poets, who often struggle in a second language is often devastating to them. I know they email about you. So please chin up, step into the ring with me.
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