• 16 Mm Movies

    One summer I taught with a guy fixated on flicks
    I mean those 16mm films teachers used
    to get away from textbooks... more »

  • 38th Parallel

    Once I lived in a village not far
    from the thirty-eighth parallel
    near Kaesong, in fact... more »

  • A Bears Guide

    Every time I glance up at the framed
    lithograph hanging on my den wall
    of a bear sitting at its ease browsing
    through the pages of A Bears Guide... more »

  • A Brief For Whitey

    Yes, that's what he said
    wiping the smile from his face
    as he ranted about things
    he knows nothing about... more »

  • A Colossal Wreck

    Rereading Shelley's 'Ozymandias' recently
    gave me time to reconsider
    the glory days of Germany... more »

  • A Dark & Stormy Night

    It was the eve of Thanksgiving
    and a night black and cold as hell,
    with a stiff north wind blowing
    down across the barren slopes... more »

  • A Day In Dong Tam

    Another hot day
    he said
    How hot
    I said... more »

  • A Decent Plot

    That's all he wanted
    when he rented a movie
    or paid his way
    at the local cinema... more »

  • A Drink In February

    Taverns along Milwaukee Avenue
    near the expressway are bright
    with red neon beer signs... more »

  • 'A Good Man Ther Was Of Religoun'

    Chaucer goes on -

    'And was a povere Parsoun of a town
    But riche he was of hooly thoght and werk... more »

  • A Grunt's Pov

    Sun overhead blazing down
    sand and biting flies
    fear and diarrhea
    and a shit-storm... more »

  • A Guerilla's Lament

    The shaggy man in castoff rags
    postured before the TV camera

    NBC and CBS reporters zeroed... more »

  • A Guy's Vernacular

    If you can't use the vernacular
    if you prefer rodomontade
    to the precise inflections
    of one who works at his trade... more »

  • A Happy Poet

    Listen up, I speak to you
    from the region of the damned
    and those who lust after fame
    and wealth as a poet... more »

  • A Letter From Home

    Mick never got any mail
    he used to complain
    and moan that he was
    out of the loop... more »

  • A Life Wasted

    you never know until it's too late
    that everything you put your hand
    to fades & dissolves in the sun
    of an aroused intellect... more »

  • A Little Guy

    he smiles and turns verbal somersaults
    not saying what rankles him most

    about others who are not his kind... more »

  • A Morn In April

    I got up this morning
    feeling new
    and ready to rumble... more »

  • A Movement

    he is not your average politician
    I'll grant you that

    more a leader of a movement... more »

  • A Natural Reaction

    A reprobate? Who, me?

    What's up with that?... more »

  • A New Ac

    Summer just over there
    behind those hills
    lolling at rest
    lying in wait... more »

  • A Place Called Chicken

    The boys were gathered at Malone's place
    in a town called Chicken on the Fortymile

    they were prospecting for the ore... more »

  • A Plover On The Beach

    I don't know if Poetry Lover
    (hereafter called plover,
    a shore bird with short tail)
    aspires to become a poet... more »

  • A Poem In The Offing

    all week long I spend
    in the throes of creation
    trying to out that poem
    in the offing... more »

  • A Report To The Captain

    Let me tell you how it went, Skipper,
    that day we came to the first of the islands;
    our barge struck a coral reef about 1500 yards offshore.
    We sat high and dry in the shallow waters.... more »