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The Table

It seems I have not message of, color, race, or creed,
So I'll write about my table, simply out of need.
A can of cream style corn, a can of cut green beans,
Sit upon on my table, among the other things.... more »

The First Shall Be Last

Those with understanding don't understand at all,
especially the preacher, who thought he heard the call.
Most who say they found him, are mostly off the wall.
The good that is God, lives with in us all.... more »

Just An Old Fashion Cowboy

I'm just an old fashion cowboy with dust on my shoes,
It's too late to learn, and I've nothing to lose.
They took all my sons in a war called today,
nothing I could do, nothing I could say.... more »

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Micky Tompson 18 Sep 01:56
Really good work. He also created the International Car Forest in Goldfield NV. And he wrote a few books.