• Addicted

    She's the new one.
    The girl I see a future with.
    The girl I can live long with.
    I can't seem to leave her alone.... more »

  • All By Himself

    God has put him in a world.
    Which a person like he cannot handle.
    Nor live with knowing he isn't good enough.
    Good enough for anything in this life of his.... more »

  • At This Very Moment

    Is indeed a killer.
    And if your lucky.
    It's an upsetting rollercoaster thriller.... more »

  • Better, Together & Forever (Part 1)

    Indeed the strongest word ever.
    Love + You = Our Life Together.
    Now I know it's obvious.... more »

  • Better, Together & Forever (Part 2)

    I hate it.
    'Together' I thought it would be 'better.'
    But this love didn't last 'forever.'... more »

  • Disappear

    We need to talk.
    I hear this a couple of days later.
    Apologizing for her words.
    Still wonderin' what made her.... more »

  • Dunks On My Feet

    When I first wore them.
    I never knew why.
    Why they made me feel so fly.
    Dunks on my feet.... more »

  • Explore

    Girl be happy cause I know I am.
    You've come to an empty heart.
    Now complete as ever I am.
    What you do, can persuade me.... more »

  • Fantasize

    Happy People look like me.
    And I gotta' say it's cause of her.
    Love can do this to someone.
    But a love like this.... more »

  • Flying

    Weakened by these thoughts.
    Adjusting to the pain.
    Running away from my problems.
    Swiftly dodging the rain.... more »

  • Happy Person

    I have a heavy decision to make.
    So I sleep on it...
    But when I sleep it attacks me.
    When I eat it makes my stomach curl.... more »

  • I Wonder About You Courtney

    Thinking about this girl.
    I know this is gonna' be a long one.
    Many poems about this certain girl.
    But I know I'm not done.... more »

  • I'Ll Tell Myself

    I keep tellin' myself.
    Your doing great, Keep it up.
    Your finally happy now.
    And it's because of her love.... more »

  • It's About Time

    If I can relive the moment.
    Then I'd go all the way.
    Cause my love will do nothing, but get stronger.
    From then, till this day.... more »

  • Jumbled Up Song(True Story)

    I blew it.
    Along time ago.
    First we actually wanted to see each other.
    But the more I try.... more »

  • Lifeline

    Got a huge smile on my face.
    Now that I know she's back.
    And for so long I yearned for her.
    But foolishly never tried to show it.... more »

  • Lovin' The Boo Time

    She opens her heart.
    To let me in when she's needed.
    I'm lovin' the boo time.
    The journey for finding true love is finally succeeded.... more »

  • Make Me Better

    No matter what happens.
    I'll always be there.
    In another state...
    My love will never disappear.... more »

  • Millions Of Words

    Millions of Words.
    Can prove to anyone she is special.
    Billions, can make a man desire to hear more.
    Trillions of words, you might call unbelievable.... more »

  • Moon's Light

    The moon's so bright.
    As I gaze at night.
    Illuminating my eyes.
    What a beautiful sight.... more »

  • My Boy(Actually In Love)

    He's really in love.
    I thought he was joking.
    But seeing the girl I thought he was smoking.... more »

  • My Soybean(China Doll)

    My Soybean.
    Nothing like her.
    My cute little China Doll.
    More important now than ever.... more »

  • Purity

    'If you can't be with the one you love,
    Then love the one you're with.'
    A truthful fact.
    A thrilling myth.... more »

  • Realize

    Keep on trying...
    Cause sooner or later it's going to work.
    Despite the ups & downs which may occur.
    It's going to work out.... more »

  • Stronger

    The final day went by.
    The day that I will long for you.
    Cause now that it's all over.
    I have finally seen the truth.... more »