• A Cinderella Man

    I’m home alone at three am
    The sound of silence blow out my brain
    And look around is just the pain
    This is how this story ends... more »

  • Cruel Destiny

    Cruel destiny that cursed me
    To the sky I’m wondering
    How could it be?
    Without love do I have to live?... more »

  • I Believe

    “I could write the saddest poems tonight”
    A stolen verse from the saddest poem I ever read
    And think once he was mine
    And now that is in the past... more »

  • Poem With No Name

    I looked him at once
    But he didn’t look me back
    He has the style, the size, the class
    Obviously he rocks... more »

  • Post To The Musketeers

    Dear Jaime
    I liked you so much
    And I never saw
    You were a hore... more »

  • Scent Of Cacao Beans

    Oh! This heart inside my chest
    That bit faster when I get
    Your presences, I imagine
    You and I on my bed... more »

  • Sweet Barbarian

    To Anders Karlsson, the love of my life

    He wears those jeans
    Those that kind of cheap... more »

  • The Love

    The love has knocked on my door
    It wants to come inside
    Because it sees isn’t lock
    The love doesn’t how to wait... more »

  • Three Hundred Ways To Kill Myself

    19704 hours
    I’m alone without thee
    Lost in here
    The same flat... more »

  • Under Rug Swept

    This poem I dedicated to Nic W

    Sometimes I realize
    This life I have to live... more »