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'BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU' is written on every parking ticket.'
- M. Walker. George Orwell's novel '1984' ends with the words 'BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU', which I adapted to comment on the mentality of fining people for minor infringements. The novel '1984' gives a picture of an imaginary totalitarian state, in which all citizens are under close surveillance by the state. A horror situation, which the hero and dissenter, Winston Smith eventually gives in to. It is by no means impossible that a scientific totalitarian state could come about. 'Political correctness' is one step along the way.
In a city, the most precious item for sale is time.
This is my original thought. I do not like wasting time or have shop assistants keep me waiting unnecessarily. I am impatient. Time is precious.M. Walker.
'Poetry springs in silence from meditation and research.Poems also need to express genuine emotion to be convincing'.
My own idea, based on my own experience. I need absolute quiet for writing, no radio, nothing. For some dramatic monologues, like 'A Farewell Note', I read several books to get the facts and figures right, just like research. If facts are wrong, the poem instantly loses credibility.

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I must translate it in Chinese...
I agree with Jane Campion. We travel with Michael through his life. His poems are wonderfully written.
Michael Walker, a New Zealand poet who travels with wonderful poems through his life.
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