Michael Witkowski Biography

Single child of divorced.Aspie Am a loud & proud Aspie (= Asperger Syndrome autist) .Born in Poland, emigrated to the then West Germany 1986. Father abandonned me & Mum in 1981 for the then West Germany. Member of amnesty international, Bronte buff. I am reserved, silly, coy, childish, wistful, sulky, sullen, grumpy, miffy, cheerful.
I have published a poem collection of mine titled 'Caramel Goat And Human Mess Bitter Almond' on lulu.com in 2004/2005
Meanwhile i plaster The Dream Machine Web Poetry Corner with my pieces unreleased here: http: //www.dreamagic.com/poetry/witkowski.html
Follow my ramble in my Live Journal- username scousered

How gorge is Hannoverian litarate scene!

spring of 2005, i'd found the Hannoverian (subcultural) literature forum Sublit Hannover http: //sublit.de.vu, bacame hokked onto it, published my German bits in tthere, have laods of laugh on there and finally, on August 12,2006, i perfomrem two of my German short stories at the culture & music &art venue cafe Kulturpalast Linden http: //kulturpalast-linden.de/ in the Open Mic part of Sublit-arty- celebrating the 2nd anniversry/birthday of Sublit Hannover, founded August 13,2004, which has brought many pets, petry slammers etc. together.
Last night. Aug.26,2006 i read two of my English poems (& translates them live) at the International Open Mic in the said venue, the Kulturpalast

I keep various blogs: http: //scousered.blogger.de (German) ,
http: //scousered.livejournal.com/ -(English) &, too, have a Myspace page:
http: //www.myspace.com/macha_sub

The then newest stumble-on for me: http: //www.auschwitz.dk and annefrank.dk- As for content: The URLs are telling.

Other tripstones: www.neologisms.us and langmaker.com
Try to coin it!


This project i almost forgot about, still waiting realzation: Mi next projects are an answer to CB's sayings on teaching and other bits, and the last 6 days in the life of Sophie Scholl- but this only after viewing the film 'Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage' depicting errr..., the last 6 days of Sophie Scholl up to her execution- guillotining - in Berlin-Plötzensee)