Single child of divorced.Aspie Am a loud & proud Aspie (= Asperger Syndrome autist) .Born in Poland, emigrated to the then West Germany 1986. Father abandonned me & Mum in 1981 for the then West Germany. Member of amnesty international, Bronte buff. I am reserved, silly, coy, childish, wistful, sulky, sullen, grumpy, miffy, cheerful.
I have published a poem collection of mine titled 'Caramel Goat And Human Mess Bitter Almond' on in 2004/2005
Meanwhile i plaster The Dream Machine Web Poetry Corner with my pieces unreleased here: http: //
Follow my ramble in my Live Journal- username scousered

How gorge is Hannoverian litarate scene!

spring of 2005, i'd found the Hannoverian (subcultural) literature forum Sublit Hannover http: //, bacame hokked onto it, published my German bits in tthere, have laods of laugh on there and finally, on August 12,2006, i perfomrem two of my German short stories at the culture & music &art venue cafe Kulturpalast Linden http: // in the Open Mic part of Sublit-arty- celebrating the 2nd anniversry/birthday of Sublit Hannover, founded August 13,2004, which has brought many pets, petry slammers etc. together.
Last night. Aug.26,2006 i read two of my English poems (& translates them live) at the International Open Mic in the said venue, the Kulturpalast

I keep various blogs: http: // (German) ,
http: // -(English) &, too, have a Myspace page:
http: //

The then newest stumble-on for me: http: // and As for content: The URLs are telling.

Other tripstones: and
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This project i almost forgot about, still waiting realzation: Mi next projects are an answer to CB's sayings on teaching and other bits, and the last 6 days in the life of Sophie Scholl- but this only after viewing the film 'Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage' depicting errr..., the last 6 days of Sophie Scholl up to her execution- guillotining - in Berlin-Plötzensee)


Michael Witkowski Poems

Undocked Ship

Have you ever felt it-a
tingle that rises someplace
in your belly and only to set
your lower regions ablaze... more »

Sunny Vow

Visit her or visit her not- I cannot settle
While neglect might be mournful
gut muscles grumble- and legs shiver
but memories set in as a ray of honey... more »

Cinnamon Goat

A right cinnnamon goat he was
cinnnamon peppered him on
shy on the dance floor
thought himself be stepping forward... more »

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Comments about Michael Witkowski

poem hater 11 Feb 2005 05:15
You are the greatest poet in the world, and thats in under-exaggerating.
dissatified exmember 24 Jan 2005 02:08
Michael has an underlying depth that show's through in his writing. I challenege anyone to read and understand his inner emotions. Still a raw style, Michael is however developing and with encouragement he will be able to restucture his writing so that it becomes beautiful poetry. Every man is a poet in his own way. See the meaning in the written word. Feel how it flows from the heart. I read Michaels work, not for it's stanza or poetic greatness, but for it's depth and inner meaning. Janice M Pickett Author of the following Published Books. Your Mind Your Health Your Way. Whispers, Poetry in Motion. The Final Deception. Your Wisdom, Your Kids, Your Way.
Herbert Nehrlich1 22 Jan 2005 01:33
Wow, you do have imagination. And I guess you will never know whether any of your accusations might be true. You'd better not tell my superiors about my doctor titles being fake (which one did you think was fake?) , I may lose my job and be deported to Germany.... You say I never gave you advice (assuming on how to write poems) , well I generally do not make it a habit to try to teach pigs the art of flying. I am not a racist, though and some of my (few) friends are Polish. However they don't remind me of you. H