i was born in the familly of five, i was a science student who read chemistry/mathematics in federal government colledge abeokuta, but ever since in my secondary school i have had emotional feeling, because i do love quotes, so i wrote quotes all over my notebooks, at least three on each note. i later started writting quotes myself, and finally one day i was trying to write a quote, and i now realize its getting more complex, then i later thought of changing it to poem. that is how i wrote my first poem ever titled 'My style'......i am still a young boy struggling with is career. i want someone to show me how i can started using this my poem to make money. i lived in ijebu ode in ogun state, but a native of osun state in ikirun.


Micheal Olaniyi Poems

You Are Wanted

I slept,
but my heart was awake,
all night long on my bed,
i looked for the one;... more »

Sexy Lass

Oh ye, my friends come,
i have gists, but let me tell you one,
have you ever seen a sexy lass before?
If not, let me show you one.... more »

Never Say 'Die'

never say 'die',
always hope bright,
its just a delay but the destiny is not nab,
if you can't run, you can glide,... more »

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