Michelangelo Antonioni, Cavaliere di Gran Croce (29 September 1912 – 30 July 2007) was an Italian film director, screenwriter, editor, and short story writer. Best known for his "trilogy on modernity and its discontents"—L'Avventura (1960), La Notte (1961), and Eclipse (1962)—Antonioni "redefined the concept of narrative cinema" and challenged traditional approaches to storytelling, realism, drama, and the world at large. He produced "enigmatic and intricate mood pieces" and rejected action in favor of contemplation, focusing on image and design over character and story. His films defined a "cinema of possibilities".

Antonioni received numerous awards and nominations throughout his career, including the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize (1960, 1962), Palme d'Or (1966), and 35th Anniversary Prize (1982); the Venice Film Festival Silver Lion (1955), Golden Lion (1964), FIPRESCI Prize (1964, 1995), and Pietro Bianchi Award (1998); the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Silver Ribbon eight times; and an honorary Academy Award in 1995. He and Ingmar Bergman died on the same day.


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She isn't my wife, really. We just have some kids. No. No kids. Sometimes, though, it feels as if we had kids. She isn't beautiful, she's just easy to live with. No, she isn't. That's why I don't live with her.
Michelangelo Antonioni (b. 1912), Italian director, screenwriter, and Tony Guerra (b. 1920). Thomas, the photographer (David Hemmings), Blow-up, toying with a woman (Vanessa Redgrave) he photographed in a park (1966). Inspired by a story by Julio Cortázar.

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