Michele was born in Hanover Michigan in the 80's. The daughter of a successful businessman she enjoys traveling the country and hopes to travel overseas sometime this year. Michele has been in and out of unsuccessful relationships and has decided to take some time off dating to devote to her career and finishing her Master's degree. Michele has written over 100 songs and poems, five novels and dozens of erotic stories. She spends her free time working on her sixth novel and reading other authors books.


Michele Weston Poems

I Stay

Late at night I try to sleep,
But I smell the whisky on your breath,
And feel the bruise on my cheek,
Why I'm still here I do not know,... more »

Break My Fall

Please, break my fall,
Reach you hand out,
And touch mine,... more »

Angel Eyes

Nothing to do but smoke another pack,
It's been a month since you called,
We'd talk int he middle of the ngiht,
In hushed voices so she didn't hear.... more »

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