• Carved Out Of Stone

    carved out of stone
    i held it in my hand once
    so soft and smooth
    it reminded me of peace... more »

  • Drifting Apart

    i get the feeling that we're not friends anymore.
    maybe we were never really friends to begin with.
    you said that you cared
    there was even an attempt to be in my life... more »

  • Indifferent

    don't call me your brother
    for i am not
    my eyes glisten with a bright blue
    and yours with a dirty brown... more »

  • It's Not An Addiction

    feeling this overwhelming presence
    a need to lift the bottle
    letting the cold rim touch my lips
    as the warm liquids rush down my throat... more »

  • Leaving All Behind

    burning notions to throw it away
    streaming through the brain at an untimely speed
    chasing the happiness out into the dark
    falling into a cavernous pit like despair... more »

  • Lifeless

    slowly the smile across her face fades
    the once happy convoluted moment has betrayed her
    it was expected
    however not so soon... more »

  • Lost And Found

    lost and searching,
    never finding.
    hoping and wishing,
    never granting.... more »

  • Love Loss

    anticipation builds as the day grows on
    the promises i was told
    my love fading soon to be gone... more »

  • Love Struck

    Starry eyed, love drunk, butterfly effect...
    That's the power you hold.
    Please don't abuse it, lose it, or forget it.
    Keep it safe, warm and close.... more »

  • Lying To Me, Maybe Myself

    just look at me
    yes those are tears running down my face
    broken inside
    i am not fine, not this time... more »

  • Morning Tea

    rays of the sunshine bursting through the morning clouds
    warming the dew covered flowers
    beckoning the day to begin... more »

  • Moving On

    words placed together
    in an uncommon manner
    nonsense they say
    some silly girls banter... more »

  • No More

    inside im falling apart
    unable to keep the bandages any tighter
    the wounds growing increasingly larger
    it seems like there is no end to the hollowness that grows... more »

  • Paying The Price

    awaking to the sounds of distance cries
    feeling an awkward pause before getting up
    stretching out the aching muscles
    placing the feet on the cold hard ground... more »

  • Plague

    Having you in my life with your plague like symptoms
    I can really do with out
    I could get sick with your lackluster words and your mediocre actions
    But why should I... more »

  • Turning Tides

    standing at waters edge
    letting the cool clear waters rush over my feet
    taking in the beauty that surrounds
    feeling just a little piece of clarity... more »

  • Unable To Help

    unable to put aside the feelings that i have
    they course through my veins
    taking over my intentions
    torn in two different directions... more »

  • Unfinished

    looking back i never knew
    how this love would crash into
    the death that has clouded my soul
    creating this urgency to go... more »

  • What Lies Beneath

    I am able to see inside the eyes of a lonely soul
    feel the same emotions
    take in every breath between the silent tears... more »

  • Where My Heart Was Left

    wind chimes dance on the edge of the porch
    while the rain pitter patters at my feet
    taking in a breath of the cool night
    in the distance i can see the city lights... more »