• Child Of Mine

    Who else can make me happy when all around is gloom
    Who brings a smile to my darkest day and brightens up a room
    Who fills my days with chatter and never wants to go to bed
    Who can drive me to distraction and then wants a hug instead... more »

  • Fleetwood

    We were once a thriving town
    envied by ports from miles around
    plenty of fish and jobs for all
    and then the pride before the fall... more »

  • Friends

    Friends are there when you need them,
    They always look out for you,
    They are a shoulder to cry on, a tower of strength
    They never intrude but are always a phone call away... more »

  • Right To Life

    Did you want to see me die?
    Were you sad, did you cry?
    Did you never want to hold me, rock me in your arms,
    Did you never want to love me, keep me safe from harm?... more »

  • Teatime

    Why is it always bedlam when it gets to feeding time
    'whats for tea, I don't like that' the endless droning whine
    the dog sits under the table, she's got the right idea
    I wish that I could join her, it's safer under there.... more »

  • Tribute To Kristoffer

    Kristoffer what a wonder to me you were,
    an enigma, a puzzle, a child like no other
    You were grumpy and moody and I loved you so
    A smile from you melted my heart because you meant it... more »