• **don'T Forget Me**

    Don’t forget me as you walk right past
    I just want our memories to always last
    Screaming at the top of my lungs that I just want out
    Pease don’t forget all that i’m about... more »

  • *her And Him*

    She sits at the window peering at the fall rain
    Wondering if she is just to blind not to feel the pain
    She has liked him so much for so long
    She feels that with out loving him its just wrong... more »

  • ~~~~~i Need My Friend, My Sister, My Crying Shoulder ~~~~~

    How can everything close to me fade away
    I walk around and my mind will stray
    When everything seemed right in our eyes
    It was wrong to everyone around... more »

  • ~a Family That Doesn'T Belong~

    By: Michelle (Miss. Shelly)

    A family that doesn’t belong,
    But always knowing we didn’t do a thing wrong!... more »

  • ~in Case You Forget~

    In case you forget what we had,
    Look into my eyes ever so sad,
    Morning that day that was a painful toll,
    That day that plays over in my soul!... more »

  • A Good Guy!

    i swor i'd never love agen and i didn't,
    but i got close but then you pulled me back in,
    fallen back in,
    just let me go,... more »

  • A Pain Worse Then Love...

    I have just found out that love isn’t the worst pain
    its hurting the one that with, I once ran through the rain
    my big sister I have lost and hurt which is killing me
    this isn’t the way it should be... more »

  • A Poem I Will Not Say Out Loud!

    this shall be the words i never speek,
    for this is the things my heart shall seek,
    the things i wanted to say would not come out,
    but now in my head its what my heart wants to shout,... more »

  • A Reason

    A heart that cant be broken
    Is one that never was
    People that aren’t scared
    Never got a reason to be... more »

  • A Terrible Ending!

    i lost the hand i once held so dear,
    you let go and now i once agien see my gratest fear,
    i lost hte heart i once connected with,
    when you made my whole world shift,... more »

  • Abuse Me To Save Yourself

    Hurt me, hate me
    Burn me, erase me
    Hurt me to heal
    Hate me to love... more »

  • All Becouse I Had A Dream......

    I had a dream that all my worrys dissapeared,
    i had a dream that my eyes never agein teared,
    it was a wierd feeling not to feel,
    and then my hope wasnt able to steel,... more »

  • Always And Forever...

    Always and forever moments come by once and a while
    Please let them come to me and make me smile
    With out the always and forever in my heart
    For sure I will soon fall apart... more »

  • Be Able To Be Called Sain!

    she said that my heart is there,
    but my heart couldnt be any farther,
    i could of lied and said she was rong,
    but that lie would be forever long,... more »

  • Beauty In A Painting

    Painting a mural of all things beauty
    The colors blend as the paint brush whips them away
    The paint seems to flow right off the canvas
    As if the page has no edge... more »

  • Before My Eyes

    before my eyes i see the world,
    maybe not what you see,
    but what it realy turns out to be,
    but you know thats just me,... more »

  • Best Friends....

    You never left my side
    And wiped the tears when I cry
    You never once let go of my hand
    Will I ever understand... more »

  • Bleeding Angels! ! !

    Bleeding angels
    Right from the wings
    No more harps to play or songs to sing
    Try to fly but do a belly flop... more »

  • Blue Eyes...

    Blue eyes full of tears
    Growing tender through out the years
    Tears falling to hit the floor
    Then filling up all the more…... more »

  • Bullet For You...

    With out a thought
    In one quick motion
    I would take a bullet for you
    With out you here... more »

  • Can It Be...

    can it be true...
    that im not over you?
    can it happen...
    nerver mind ill stop my yapping!... more »

  • Cant Hear A Sound...

    What is the meaning of this world?
    What is the answer to this life?
    For nether I know of
    All we have is our dreams and love... more »

  • Darkness

    Darkness falls all around,
    darkness falls till i hit the ground,
    no one cares or gives me a chance,
    thay think that they know me at just one glance,... more »

  • Dear Ashly...

    dear ashly,
    my little sister goes out once agein,
    trying to find her one and only,
    this time i approve,... more »

  • Don'T Judge Us!

    I look in there mere and we see who we are
    You look at us and see what you want to see
    Our friends see people that are crying out for help
    And finding a cold hand... more »