• Dont Let Me Fall...............

    Don’t let me fall
    I really don’t want nor need it all
    Just holed on tight so I wont slip away
    Please take my hand and show me the wondrous way... more »

  • Fadeing Love...

    Fading love is all around
    Vanishing with out as much as a sound
    We all know it is happened but no one dares to utter a word
    I have tried but no one even heard... more »

  • Falling Apart...

    Falling part there on the floor
    No need for anyone anymore
    Not watching the time as it slowly ticks
    I’m sick of being put in these little clicks... more »

  • Free Fall...

    I’m entrapped in free fall
    Remembering the day that I stood ever so tall
    Falling towered the quickly coming ground
    Screaming although no one ever will hear a sound... more »

  • God Knew About This

    im want to escape to pluto,
    just for some where safe to go,
    i wish i could burn on the surface of the sun,
    is there any where in the universe to run,... more »

  • Going Up The Steps! !

    one small steady step at time,
    heart brake should be a crime,
    i climb it in a slow unsteady daze,
    triping all the way but its all a faze,... more »

  • Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today!

    Goodbye yesterday
    Sometimes I just want it that way
    Hello today
    I need to once again feel the sunray... more »

  • Have You Ever Wondered...

    Have you ever wondered what went on inside my head
    Have you ever tried to figure out just what I meant in the words that I said
    The words I of my choice always mean something else other then what you first hear
    Its as if it something that you need to read in a mere... more »

  • Heavenly Skyes

    flowing down a river,
    so steady and fine,
    are the shivers going up my helpless spine,
    always wanting to see the sun forever shine,... more »

  • His/Her Whole Life Was About.....

    Her life was all about her beauty
    Not that she was ever ugly
    But there is so much more to be... more »

  • Hop Scatch

    throw the rock lamd on one,
    haha this should be fun,
    throw the rock land on two,
    ended so fast i lost my shoe,... more »

  • I Cannot

    i cannot eat,
    even as i starve,
    but i cannot swollow!... more »

  • I Cant Let Guys In

    i feel so lost and lonley,
    for me im the only,
    no one to share my secrets with,
    no one to share my whole world to,... more »

  • I Dead When No One Was Home

    i was there...now im here,
    in the dark in my room i died,
    died before i hit the ground,
    no one hurd not a sound,... more »

  • I Don’t Need A Therapist I Need My Big Sister! !

    I’m ever so numb
    So why cant you see
    That not only do I not but now I hate my family
    You took what made me smile... more »

  • I Dont Need A Boyfriend! !

    im not worried about being alone,
    at least not right now,
    i dont need a guy to have fun!
    even tho with a guy i had a ton,... more »

  • I Really Want To Believe Your Lies....

    “I promise it will be okay”
    Those very words in my mind will stay
    I really try to believe you
    But we both know that might no be true... more »

  • I Run, Till I Dont Feel Like Running Anymore

    when you yell,
    when you scream,
    it makes me scared and makes me panic,
    so i in a hurry out the door run,... more »

  • I Still Need My Crying Shoulder! !

    even though im getting older,
    i still need a crying shoulder,
    as the days go by,
    i just want to give up and die,... more »

  • I Want To Know What You Think...

    I want to know what you think so I can know how you feel
    I just want to know the answer to “What is your deal? ”
    What do you think when you see me walk past?
    I just keep walking with a glace ever so fast…... more »

  • I Wanted You To Know!

    I wanted you to know,
    that threw it all your where ill always go,
    your the only one that sticks by me everystep of the way,
    your always on my side,... more »

  • I Will Always Be There For You Just Like I Know You Will Always Do!

    when you leave ill follow,
    when i cry you will wollow,
    we are never goona grow apart,
    thats becouse we will never start,... more »

  • I Will Hide These Feelings!

    i dont have enough streanth to hate the one i love,
    its not like me to try to deny my true feelings,
    but this time im going to,
    till i dont have to lie anymore,... more »

  • If Only You Could...

    If only you could see through my eyes
    You would see how dumb you look trying to lie
    I know what your all about and so here I will stand
    Nope I will never take you perverted hand!... more »

  • If You Don’t Have A Past You Don’t Have A Future

    The tears have fallen
    And now they are dry
    I have searched for the answer
    But now I don’t care why... more »