• Not His Little Whore!

    Her love for him growes and growes,
    but she refuses to be like his little hos,
    Her gratest fear,
    is for him to come any where near,... more »

  • Not Mine But My Good Friend Wrote This About Me And It Deserves This Ispot On A Web Site! ! !

    Love Again
    Women cry and say they’ll never love again
    But they just go out to hunt for more men
    But me, I stay my distance from inside... more »

  • Not Named For A Reason....

    I hate this world
    So sick and wrong
    Just take me out and send me to the grave
    This life is no longer pleasant to live... more »

  • Not The Little Mold You Try To Make Me Fit Into

    why do i have to fit a mold,
    i dont want to be the barbie doll that is sold,
    its not the way i am,
    my feelings are brakeing down that dam,... more »

  • Not The Way Its Going To Be!

    as the tears hit my arms,
    i see the world as it truely is,
    after every happy thing in my life,
    clearing everything in its path,... more »

  • Note To Self....

    Note to self
    don’t fall in love
    Or at least don’t fall out
    Its something that will make your heart want to shout... more »

  • One Last Ride /3

    We were together and happy on the night
    Two of the happiest sisters that never fight
    The smiles appeared across our face when we got on the ride
    Its just a shame that we have to hide... more »

  • One Wish...

    If you could have one wish, what would it be?
    Would you wish to live in Italy?
    If you were white, would you wish to be black?
    I would wish to have my sister back!... more »

  • People Want Our Friend Ship But I Wont Give It Up!

    no one can keep us apart,
    i just simply wont let them,
    its not the way it will be,
    your a sister to me,... more »

  • Quietly Disappearing

    Quietly disappearing out of my heart
    Even though I know I will end up falling apart
    I have to open my eyes and stop ignoring my head
    I’m screaming but i’m not thinking about the words unsaid... more »

  • Real Nightmares

    The nightmares haunt me as I sleep
    Feeling the blade piercing my stomach so deep
    So much pain I couldn’t breath
    But wondering why the three of you leave... more »

  • Reflection In The Mirror

    The word goodbye is a reflection in the mirror
    Staring at me as I rethink my painful thought
    Whispering to the reflection of me
    “Should I leave this in my memory? ”... more »

  • Rescue Me

    Rescue me from my sleep
    Save me from my secrets deep
    Secrets I have never learned to over come
    Rescue me even if I don’t know what from... more »

  • Rumors

    it wasnt the rumors that hurt,
    its that the person that i thought i could trust again started them,
    how can i ever trust him,
    maybe im not suppost to,... more »

  • Safe Kind Of Danger

    You have all the pieces of my heart,
    And you hold them dear.
    You have the chance to tare me apart,
    But I don’t have fear.... more »

  • Scars! !

    You broke my heart then the expect me to fix it,
    look what you have done..
    there is ducktape holding my heart together,
    bandads help stop the bleeding,... more »

  • Screaming I Love You! ! !

    Ever so deep,
    Running through
    Is my love and compassion for you!... more »

  • Shadows

    shadows refleacted on the ground,
    laying there dark but me,
    only movement never a sound,
    silent but much to see,... more »

  • Short Sweet And To The Point

    My heart is screaming out that I gotta get a grip,
    I know you got my hand but im about to slip,
    Hangings off the edge please don’t let me fall
    You’re the only one that ever understood it all... more »

  • Sisters Are Meant To Be There

    I miss you
    More then you know
    Never felt so alone
    Please never go... more »

  • Sitting Up On The Roof!

    love is like me sitting on the roof,
    sometimes on top sitting stedy,
    sometimes it rains and i start to slide off,
    the shingles are my friends that help me hold my grip,... more »

  • So I Wont Have To Love Anymore

    i want to cut out my vains so ill blead to death,
    i want to cut my feet of so i wont have to run from you any more,
    i want to jab out my eyes so i wont have to see you any more,
    i want to throw up my lungs so i wont have to breath any more,... more »

  • So I'M Me......So He Is He

    So i’m me ….So he is he
    And we’re friends and none better that we could be
    He is black and I am white
    But never once was it about fight... more »

  • Someone Im Not

    try to hide in plain sight,
    try to make it seem down from a flight,
    some things are just not right,
    just like me living in my huge lie,... more »

  • Someone Left Me In The Shadows

    you left me in the shadows,
    i guess thats just how life sometimes goes,
    you try to get up then fall back threw,
    always wondering who,... more »