• Something I Was But Afraid To Have!

    just cant hate,
    its just not my appropriate fate,
    there is a thin microscopic line between that and how i feel,
    to them there is no need for a sheeled,... more »

  • Something To Be Asked Why!

    i know i loved you but its time to go,
    i got to be out of my mind to think you wouldnt hurt me again,
    it makes my head spin,
    life goes on as the tears fall from my eyes,... more »

  • Stand So Strong

    Nothing in her way for she wants him so
    When no hope is left she won’t let go
    When their love is folding and ever so weak
    She stands so strong for he is what she seeks... more »

  • Stop Saying Things That Arnt True

    standing there helpless trying not to get crushed from,
    all in front of judgeing people,
    no one understands me so thay think its ok if thay say things about me,
    well if you havent anything better to do then talk about people you dont even know,... more »

  • Sweet La-La-Bye

    Sweet La-la-bye whispered in my ear
    Comforting me through my worst fear
    Making my body feel at ease
    Crying tears that no one else sees... more »

  • Take Me With You, Dont Leave Me Here!

    take me with you,
    take me along,
    take me from this is a never ending horror song,
    it seems to ruin my whole life,... more »

  • Take My Hand...

    Take my hand
    I’m just here to help understand
    That not every girl is out to hurt you
    Some girls like me can be ever so true... more »

  • Tears Part Two! !

    the hurtful things haunt this sore girl once agein,
    i know when i stand from the dark cold floor the room will spin,
    as i wipe my eyes i cant beleave what had been,
    in the night the tears came streaming down my sofened face at a slow and steady pace,... more »

  • Tears! !

    turn my head,
    wipe my cheeks,
    when i feel the cold wetness of me tears plunging from my eyes,
    my head tells myself to be strong but how can i be,... more »

  • Tell Me...

    Tell me the point because I just don’t get understand
    All I know is that god made our fingers with spaces in between for someone else’s hand
    So take my hand and don’t lose grip
    And if you do then slowly off my face the tears will drip... more »

  • Tell Me....

    Tell me …why does it hurt so bad to see you pictures
    Because as the moment I can see them in my head
    Tell me why it makes the tears fall when I listen to our old song
    When the song plays blasting through the speakers I stop my singing as the memories race through my mind... more »

  • Tender Hearts

    You see the tender hearts
    You brake them into tiny parts
    You see the fear in our eyes
    But that doesn’t stop you from releasing the painful lies... more »

  • The Call!

    the phone rings,
    i dared to reach for it,
    i heard you voice and knew that in my darkest hour you were there,
    even if i never muttered a word you didnt care,... more »

  • The Feelings Of You.....

    Watch as he logs on and I don’t say I word
    Sink in my seat and watch him walk by
    I cant say the words and I just don’t know why
    When I see him I just get in a fritz... more »

  • The Girl Inside

    the girl inside has a fear,
    of what the girl inside holds so dear,
    far from reality, but always in dream,
    the girl inside is screaming althought it may not seem,... more »

  • The Guy Of Whom I Speek!

    the only guy i want to be with is the guy that doesnt judge,
    the guy that doesnt change his mind,
    when the truth is what he finds,
    knows the real me and doesn't run,... more »

  • The Haunting Past

    as my eyes are filled with tears,
    i walk up stairs and the antisapation tares,
    and my heart scares,
    i turn the corner and walk into my room,... more »

  • The More Times I Fall!

    there has to be more to life then hurt and confusion,
    becouse the more i times i fall,
    the more i dont want to get up............ more »

  • The Realest Me I Can Be!

    i took a bubble bath to wash away my worries,
    i threw up to empty stomic,
    i sweted to clear my pores,
    i covered my wonds to kill the infection,... more »

  • The Story Of Him And Her....

    Crystals falling from her eyes
    Just wonder how she ever bought all his lies
    Thinking of how he drove that happiness and love into hatred and pain
    She just thought he took her love and washed it to the drain... more »

  • The Words Just Wont Come Out....

    Will the words be brave enough to be told
    Am I good enough to fit your ideal mold
    I want the words to find there way out of my mouth
    The words I hope you want to hear... more »

  • Things Have To Fall Apart So Things Can Fall Together!

    some times things have to fall apart,
    to let things fall together,
    just something we all have to sever,
    take the bad and you will see,... more »

  • Threw My Eyes

    I'm the girl watching as the world gets colder
    With the long blonde hair draped over her shoulder
    Caught in the middle as the problems arise
    Seeing the world fall apart threw my very eyes... more »

  • Time To Drawl!

    i dont need the hurt and
    i dont need the pain,
    should wash all love down the drain?
    i mean... is there any thing to gain?... more »

  • To Let Myself Love You Again!

    to slow the trafic to a comeplet stop,
    to slow the rain so it wont drop,
    to hold a bird so it wont fly,
    to have a life and make it die,... more »