I wouldn't say I lived life enough to have a biography yet...


Michelle Hanes Poems

The Day...

The Day was like any other
Cold in winter, with a hint of snow

I sat on a computer while staring... more »


Real or Fake?
Fun or Boring?
Red or Blue?
Black or White?... more »

An Alphabet World

A world of hate,
But I can see good,
Could it be true?
Doubt is an... more »

Michelle Hanes Quotes

Well why can't I look around? See the true colors and all the great things around me. Glasses always have cracks and depression or not, I always catch that glimpse of color and life through the cracks.
Why does winning, feel like losing without the game ending?
I feel as useful as a diamond hammer with a glass head.

Comments about Michelle Hanes

Thomas Donnelly 09 Dec 2013 05:05
What wonderful work! Your words are from the heart indeed.