As a young child I was always fascinated with poetry. I grew up with a lot of Edgar Allen Poe's work and one of Longfellow's poems called Paul Reveres Ride. I was first inspired to write poems as a sixth grade homework assignment and with the help of my teacher I found I had a natural ability for it. Since then I have written many poems inspired by the events that have occured over my lifetime.


Michelle Hyde Poems

The Love Of A Vampire

Icy hands caress my face,
My heart begins to race.
Held fast in a warm embrace,
Crimson lips touch my face.... more »

The Lovers Endless Dance

The pavement makes no sound,
As we dance upon the silver ground.
Your skin is so pale,
So fragile and frail.... more »

There Is A Time To.....

There is.......

A time to write,
A time to listen,... more »

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