• A Broken Heart's Lament

    I seek the silence of the shadows I once embraced.
    Once more I walk a lonely path and all of my light is gone.
    How I wish I could remember how it felt in that moment of splendor.
    To feel the arms of my love around me once more and to know his kiss upon my lips.... more »

  • A Forbidden Love

    Silently we kiss,
    As in shadows we hide,
    This to me is bliss,
    As for now the time I bide.... more »

  • A Simple Truth

    It is a war with all of eternity that we find,
    In the distance a small cry can be heard,
    It calls out from the blind,
    As it spreads its poisonous word,... more »

  • A Soft Kiss Of Death

    A haunted darkness,
    Seductive shadows surround me,
    Hidden voices whisper,
    Songs of silent slumber.... more »

  • Dark Love

    Why do you come to me in my sleep?
    My dark angel, my sweet
    Why do you hide from the light?
    Why do you only venture out at night?... more »

  • Dawn Of A New Day

    Before the smell of hot pavement and car exhaust,
    Before the bees start buzzing while the birds sing their morning songs,
    While the dew is still fresh and the morning light is new.... more »

  • Death Deserved

    What have you done to me?
    A black cloud of betrayal as thoughts writhe.
    Once we savored heaven,
    innocent and untainted,... more »

  • Deaths Dangerous Dance

    Red is its color,
    A liquid thicker than water,
    Blood is what it is called,... more »

  • Fear

    I sat on the bed shaking from fear,
    Feeling the cold from my single tear,
    All that I heard was a whisper in my ear,
    Telling me things I never wanted to hear,... more »

  • Gone, Yet Not Forgotten

    I am gone, but not forgotten.
    In this world of constant chaos, we found each other.
    Together we were happy and memories we have shared.
    Forever we will remember,... more »

  • Haven

    Your love is my haven,
    I can hold you close to me,
    We fly away like two ravens,
    Wild and free.... more »

  • Hidden Suicide

    I feel rejected,
    Hated and neglected.
    An escape is all I ask,
    As I tear off my mask.... more »

  • In Silent Slumber

    I See You Weep,
    In Your Sleep.
    So I Try,
    Not To Cry.... more »

  • In The Night

    In the night I cried out to you,
    But you didn’t hear me.
    In the night I tried to find you,
    But I couldn’t see.... more »

  • Little Larks

    ... more »

  • Love's Hug

    My heart races as you draw near.
    Your touch is like lightening,
    Sparks send shivers everywhere.
    My knees grow weak as you pull me near.... more »

  • Midnight Insanity

    Shattered love
    Faded dreams
    Tortured doves
    Silent screams... more »

  • Misplaced?

    If only the words said could come true.
    Life would be a better and more wonderful place.
    Oh how I wish I could see things through,
    But is my hope misplaced?... more »

  • My Crush

    Shhh! ! you can not tell.
    For this is a secret that I have hidden very well.
    There is a guy that I like.
    It is all so new that it gives me a fright.... more »

  • Ode To The Electric Kougra

    Electric currents racing through your veins,
    Speed so fast it is insane,
    Watching as you race around,
    Paws that barely touch the ground,... more »

  • Ode To Vampirism

    My head spins,
    I close my eyes,
    Life fades,
    As love dies.... more »

  • Power Of Check

    I dance in shadows
    I strive for life
    Give me your love
    Give me your sacrifice.... more »

  • Questions To The Dark Prince And His Reply

    Young prince of darkness
    Why do you hearken
    To seek my door
    When the light is no more?... more »

  • Seduction

    Touch me,
    Caress me,
    Teach me to love.... more »

  • Shattered Desires

    Shattered and broken,
    I lie on the ground,
    Wishing at times,
    That you were not around,... more »