• Silent Creed

    Silver shadows swim through my mind,
    I think of love lost,
    It passed tests no matter what the cost,
    How different is my love,... more »

  • Simple But Sweet

    Little Light,
    Burning Bright,
    All My Love,
    Like A Dove,... more »

  • Taken To Soon

    You have gone,
    And time is blind.
    The world is forgotten,
    As to heaven you climb.... more »

  • Thanksgiving

    They say that thanksgiving is the best,
    But thanksgiving day makes people stress.
    Driving around to and fro,
    Always wondering which way to go.... more »

  • Thanksgiving Day Scramble

    Thanksgiving day has come once more,
    Time to go to the store,
    To buy the last bits,
    To season the turkey and giblets.... more »

  • The Blackest Gift

    It is a night of sorrow, a song of death,
    wolves vent their loneliness.
    The thirsting one rises.
    Night shrouds her pale form,... more »

  • The Distant Shadows

    They come from all around,
    In due time they will surround,
    A heart that remains true,
    And will see love through.... more »

  • The Edge

    I stand upon a line,
    That separates my mind,
    From a great abyss,... more »

  • The Feeling Of Love

    I watch you from a distance,
    Never coming to close,
    I don't know this feeling,
    I get when you walk past.... more »

  • The Fire

    A tortured tyrant
    A masked murderer
    Secret and silent
    Growing against darkness... more »

  • The Hidden Hurt Straight From The Heart

    I have been taught to be kind,
    Treat others the way you want to be treated,
    Isn’t that the golden rule?
    When the world began to hurt me,... more »

  • The Hidden Past

    I ran from my fears,
    My pain and my tears,
    I hid with a simple thought,
    Every time my parents fought.... more »

  • The Lost Son

    I watched you grow,
    My sweet little boy,
    And now I know,
    That your life is not a toy.... more »

  • The Love Of A Vampire

    Icy hands caress my face,
    My heart begins to race.
    Held fast in a warm embrace,
    Crimson lips touch my face.... more »

  • The Lovers Endless Dance

    The pavement makes no sound,
    As we dance upon the silver ground.
    Your skin is so pale,
    So fragile and frail.... more »

  • There Is A Time To.....

    There is.......

    A time to write,
    A time to listen,... more »

  • To A Friend

    I hear you cry out every day,
    I see it in every way.
    You try to hide it.
    But you can't fight it.... more »

  • To Be Loved

    To be loved is to exist,
    To exist is to be seen.

    Many times I do not exist,... more »

  • Torment

    In the shadows I hide,
    With torn love and faded pride.
    You sought me out,
    Now I begin to shout.... more »

  • Tortured Soul

    Secret shadows keep me from light,
    I know I can not win this fight.
    As hidden flames engulf my emotion,
    With out them I can not react to the ocean.... more »

  • Wonderings

    She beckons to the night,
    In a cold and lifeless manner.
    Knowing she can never share,
    Her feelings with anyone.... more »

  • Words Of A Broken Heart

    Like a sunset in fall I fade into the shadows.
    Quietly, unnoticed, invisible.
    Softly I weep as I accept the cruel, cold, and uncaring fate that life has given me.
    Why do I continue to hope for something better?... more »