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Love, Longing, Regret

The thought of you, it makes me weak, the torment my mind brings with every blink, I try to forget, to fulfill the emptiness, the sorrow that haunts my dreams,
Your face is burned into the back of my eyes, my heart is broken and my soul cries, I lost the love that was there for so long, and now I'm lost and don't know where I belong,
We had a future, a life, it would have been good, but I left, disappeared, without a word,
my mistakes revolve in the back of my mind, like a Ferris wheel lost in time, I wish I could go back, to correct my wrongs, to be with you where I belong,... more »


Trapped in my misery, my guilt, my shame,
will it ever go away?
My heart is so heavy, so sad, so lonely,
are these feelings here to stay?... more »


Numbness, you are my friend,
I let my walls down, but they are back again,
numbness, sweet nothing,
emotions and feelings can be crushing,... more »

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