• Dead

    Everyone watched me smile and laugh
    But I was really crying inside
    Everyone thought I was ok
    But I was really breaking inside... more »

  • Gone

    I was surrounded by friends and family,
    But they disappeared in a blink of an eye
    I felt love every where,
    Now I only feel hate... more »

  • Last One

    The streets were full of people
    But no one was in sight
    People are talking and laughing
    But there is no sound... more »

  • Life

    Life started out fun and easy,
    But as you grow up it slowly becomes boring and hard
    Life can be taken for granted,
    Until you see your own death... more »

  • Lost

    The music is playing
    But I don’t hear a thing
    Music is in front of me
    But I can not see it... more »

  • Music Lost And Found Again

    Music is a part of me
    Music is my soul
    Music is my language
    Music is how I talk... more »

  • What Is Love?

    Love is Wonderful,
    And is Horrible too
    Love brings People Together,
    But Love can also Separate People... more »