• Life

    When you dip your toes in the water of life
    Does it excite you? Does the tingle flood you
    Right up to the heart and around your mind
    Like a whitewater rapid ride? Or is it scary?... more »

  • Like A Whisper

    Confusion is rife, it's a curse
    It lifts me up on the wave
    And crashes me on the shore
    Fearing, bleeding, yearning... more »

  • Lost Chapters

    Sweet relief washes over me
    My soul sighs as my heart mends
    The last of the teardrops
    Catches on my eylashes... more »

  • Lottery

    Life is a veritable lottery
    Which numbers will you choose?
    Which roads scream silently
    Will you always lose?... more »

  • Love?

    So, what is love? Really?
    We're all sitting here writing
    Penning our emotions on this stage
    Pouring out hurts and crescendos... more »

  • Mad!

    There are sunbursts behind my eyelids
    And I smile as I see them undulating
    I am so happy that my heart could burst
    Will you take this magical ride with me?... more »

  • Masquerade

    Confusion, desperation
    What could this be
    Is everyone lying to me?
    Turn one way, then another... more »

  • My Friends

    Several people were sitting there
    On the dock, with palms flat
    On the weathered planks
    Not talking, just breathing... more »

  • My Neverland

    I've been searching a long time
    For this elusive place
    My own perfect wonderment
    With magic and grace... more »

  • Not Much, But Something

    Do you know, I thought I was alright..
    That I'd gotten over you
    In this thankful night, that I'd prevailed
    Out thought you, out manouvered you... more »

  • Ocean

    The ocean, calm and soothing
    Fast and furious. Cruel and kind.
    Is there anything more mysterious
    Than the never ending depths... more »

  • Oh

    And, then there was just one..............
    Just one, just me, resting
    Upon that apple tree, just a
    Spirit, just a sprite, the one... more »

  • Old Forbidden Love

    I see you across a crowded room
    My heart flutters, my cheeks flush
    Everthing becomes sharper in my view
    But I see, only you... more »

  • Only One.

    You nestle your face in my shoulder
    And I close my eyes, drinking the smell of you in
    Lying here, with your arm across me
    I am amazed by how much my heart bursts... more »

  • Ouchie!

    I've just burnt my tongue
    On a cup of seductive espresso
    What should I do? Cover it in jello?
    Dip it in ice, or a bag of frozen peas?... more »

  • Pit Of Hell

    What will ease your aching heart?
    What can I do to show you
    That there is a person inside you
    Worth living, worth dancing, worth dreaming... more »

  • Ramble Ii

    I'm sitting outside, there's an empty chair to my left
    Who do I want to fill It? Who leaves me bereft? ?
    Should my Mom take the seat? Does she make my life complete
    Make me feel cosy? My mom, I don't ever remember hugs... more »

  • September Rain

    Ok, I'll admit it, to you all
    I'm in love with someone I shouldn't be
    The person who makes me laugh and dance
    And sing until my soul breaks free... more »

  • Smile :)

    What makes you smile in this world?
    Those things that undeniably
    Make your lips curl spontaneously
    At their sheer beauty?... more »

  • Soul

    If eyes are truly a window to the soul
    And soul reflects true love
    Why can you not see me?... more »

  • Spinning

    Close your eyes, hold out your arms
    And spin with your head held high
    Turning around and around
    Until you almost fly to the sky... more »

  • Tender Hearts

    How can our tender hearts
    Bear so much pain
    Why are we able
    To always love again?... more »

  • The Letter

    She's an old lady now
    Who gazes out of the window
    Counting the birds that fly by
    Dreaming of the buttercups of youth... more »

  • The Love Motel

    think I've lost faith...
    There is no such thing as love
    No such thing as the perfect man
    Just a bitter-sweet torture... more »

  • The Maze

    You and I, what are we?
    We are children lost in a field of corn
    Ever turning, never finding, the exit
    Searching, yearning, desperately... more »