• The Power Of Song

    When a tiny melody catches your breath
    And wonderful lyrics impound your brain
    The clarity of a voice stirs your heart
    You know you've finally come home... more »

  • The Smell Of You.

    I didn't know I had dreamt of you
    But your smell is in my heart
    A glimmering tiny sensation
    That ripped me from the start... more »

  • The Stage

    Shaped by life, and shaped by love
    My character is defined by above
    Feathery wings and glowing horns
    All play a part in in my destiny... more »

  • The Unicorn's Lullaby

    Magical unicorns that hold your dreams in their wings
    Will dance upon fields of gold and green
    Then fly your wishes to the clouds
    And banish nightmares, to the ground... more »

  • The Wolf

    You burned into my heart, from the moment we met
    From the moment you danced upon the page
    You see, you made me whole, my heart you stole
    And from that moment on, I changed...... more »

  • This Funny Life.

    Isn't life funny sometimes?
    The ups, the downs,
    The smiles, the frowns
    The utter beautiful confusion... more »

  • Tinkling

    It was faint, that tiny tinkling melody
    I knew you were there, but I couldn't quite hear
    Slowly it grew stronger, the intensity magnified
    You drew closer, my heartbeat increased... more »

  • Tiny Shards

    I scream inwardly... a silent scream
    But, can you hear it.? ? ?
    This scream, to anyone who knows
    What it feels like when your soul... more »

  • Title Unknown

    Now, when I shut my eyes, I sigh
    To be honest, I thought I'd closed the door
    Thought that I'd climbed the mountain
    Crossed the stream, into reality... more »

  • Tugged Along.

    Why is love so confusing?
    Why do we think we've found it.
    When sometimes it isn't real?
    When we need it so badly we... more »

  • Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed, tumbleweed
    Is it honest, or is it greed?
    Do you really love me,
    This me, with a shattered heart?... more »

  • Twinkle

    It's a twinkle of a memory
    A tiny sparkle of what we used to be
    A dance in a room that is only ours
    A melody that sings in a crystal vase... more »

  • Two Boys

    I sometimes wonder what I've done to deserve you
    What special act I must have committed
    That God allowed me to have your love... more »

  • Velvet Dark

    I heard a song last night
    Alone in my car, in the velvet dark
    It epitomised my feelings, my reelings
    And I began to understand... more »

  • What Am I?

    If you close your eyes
    Can you feel me sitting on your shoulder?
    Does my smell fill your senses
    Can you touch my soul?... more »

  • What Do You Do?

    What do you do when you're in love?
    What does it feel like for you?
    Somewhere, a place you've never visited
    Rapturously appearing on the horizon... more »

  • Why Don'T You Love Me?

    If I close my eyes, could I see you?
    Could I glance into your heart...
    Could I inhale your promises and feel your soul
    Would your sweetness pervade my mind?... more »

  • Wing And A Prayer

    I think my heart is bleeding
    You tore it out you see
    Leaving my body unanchored
    Drifting, without a dream... more »